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 Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "What Motivates Nancy To Run" went up this weekend.

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 Geraldo Rivera had a daytime talk show and once upon a time you could do programs like that on Tv.



This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"


Monday, February 21, 2022.  Nils Melzer calls out the continued persecution of Julian while Moqtada tries to play off his failures to form a government as him being the victim ("Stop theatening!" he cries).

While the US government repeatedly lied about Iraq and War Crimes committed there, Julian Assange told the truth.  The publisehr of WIKILEAKS is targeted by US President Joe Biden for that reason.  Build Better Back?  What is that but coded --and racist? -- signaling similar to Make America Gret Again?  At any rate, Joe's BBB fell apart.  He has no powsitiv legacy and owon't.  LBJ, a vice president who became president, knew from his years in the senate how to work with Congress.  Joe never learned a thing.   His administration is one of steady failure, non-stop.

His ownly legacy, it appears, will be his persecution of Julian Assange.

Yesterday on RT's JUST PRESS PLAY addressed the continued imprisonment of Julian.

(13 minutes in, Roger Waters speaks with Lee Camp about Julian.)

As Nils Melzer notes, the attack on Julian Assange is an attack on the press.

Thomas Scripps (WSWS) notes:

UN special rapporteur on torture Professor Nils Melzer gave a Q&A to the Foreign Press Association (FPA) last Friday, discussing his book, The Trial of Julian Assange: A Story of Persecution .

Melzer’s answers provided a devastating indictment not only of the treatment of Assange, but of contemporary capitalist society and its claim to democratic rule based on “checks and balances”. His efforts to secure humane and legal treatment for the WikiLeaks founder have been met with a “wall of silence. This was the untouchable case.”

[. . .]

 The response in the media has been equally “alarming,” said Melzer. “The silence is deafening.” Citing the BBC, he told how the broadcaster released a televised interview with him when he first issued a statement on the Assange case. “The next hour, it was gone,” taken “offline, so there’s no trace of it.”

Melzer contacted the BBC to argue, “What I’m claiming is so outrageous, that either I’m wrong, and then I have to resign, or I’m right, then someone else has to resign. There is no way that an actor like the BBC can be indifferent to this… But they responded to me that ‘right now this is not newsworthy’.”

Criticising its coverage of Assange’s extradition hearings, Melzer said, “Yes they’re reporting on the court hearings, but they’re just saying, ‘the judge said this; Julian Assange said that’. They’re not really looking at what’s happening, what this is really about… The UK courts are systematically violating this person’s rights.”

Two months ago, a number of personalities came together to highlight Julian's plight -- that included Katie Halper, Marianne Williamson and Krystal Ball.  Julian must have been freed because now the three women focusing on stealing your money for candidates that theyre vouching for.

That's what they're doing.  These same geniuses told you to support this or that member of The Squad and now they're back to reach in your pockets once again.  Briahna Joy Gray expressed just how inept she was last week when she joined the three and wanted to express her disappointment in AOC -- coming from a supporter,you understand, not a hater.

Excuse me, what's to support?

If she won't do what she said she would -- a typical move for a member of Congress, what is there to support?

According to Bri-Bri, the thing to support is Cynthia Nixon.

Listening to her blubber about being in a Queens bar that was "empty" (she then adds there were 20 people present, so not empty, but if Bri-Bri had to depend upon facts, she'd be in even more trouble) and then, BOOM!, AOC won and people streamed into the bar and OMG that included Cynthia Nixon!!!!  

The very minor Cynthia Knixon who has no career beyond the reboot, right?  I don't know why you'd gush over a minor celebrity but, hey, it's Bri-Bri's way of pretending AOC was 'transformative,' right?

The only thing funnier was watching, earlier this year, Bri-Bri devote her program to trying to justify AND SO IT GOES -- that bad reboot of SEX AND THE CITY that even Candice Bushnall has disowned.  

Maybe they're so ineffective because they're so stupid?

That webinar/fundraiser last week was embarrassing enough to warrant an apology from all that participated.

Julian risked his life to tell the truth about Iraq and his life continues to be at risk as a result.  But, hey, Marianne and the other 'gals' just want you to dig in your pockets -- and not just to donate to them for the 'service' they provide (which for some reason they believe is worth taking your money for -- these slightly to the left of MEET THE PRESS takes -- but also to fund candidates they tell you too.

As Ava and I noted:

Give your money to them and, now, give your money to them still but also give your money to these candidates they are telling you to vote for.

Give, give, give.

It's a one-way street, you may notice.

Worst of all was Marianne who was telling everyone they could give, even a little helps or give the maximum donation possible.

Is this the same woman who was decrying the Democratic Party as out of touch with the working class back in September of 2020?  Who's out of touch now?  It's a pandemic and people are still struggling economically but Marianne wants you to give 'till it hurts.

Even more worthy of scorn?  The women's notion that we need big money campaigns.  In what world is the most important act during an election the money donated?

Yes, big money elects awful candidates.  You need big money for that.  But if you have good candidates, ones who'll represent the people, what you're looking for is creating enthusiasm and the most important thing anyone can do for those candidates is to talk them up to their own circle, to increase the awareness of these candidates and their runs for office.  

How sad that not only did the women accept the duopoly, they also accepted the corrupt system that the duopoly promotes.

Everyone participating endorsed corruption.  That's the reality.  

Last month, Kenneth P. Vogel and Shane Goldmacher served up "Democrats Decried Dark Money.  Then They Won With It in 2020" at THE NEW YORK TIMES.  aND IT WAS WRONG And it was wrong and it was a threat to democracy up until the Democrats could use it to win.  Grasp that.  

And Marianne and company are endorsing big money campaigns.  They want you to funnel all you can -- all the money you can -- itno campaigns.  You're apparently not smart enough to figure out on your own who to support.

I remember Larua Falnders pimping Tammy Duckworth and being a little offput, onher AIR AMERICAN RADIO program, when a guest pointed out to her that Christine Cegelis was the progressive in that race.  Time and again, these 'broadcasters' want you to support this or that person but usually they don't know what the hell they're talking about.  They didn't know AOC or her life.  They presented a fairy tale that was not true.  

But, hey, trust them this time arounad.  Just because it's a pnademic, just because we have inflation, that shouldn't prevent you from digging in your pockets and donating to their candidates.  You can always just eat Ramen, right?  What's that?  You're already surviving on Ramen?  Well, Marianne would likely tell you, our nation is grossly overweight so cut back on your Ramen to give more money, it will benefit you in the long run.

They don't care about the poor.  How dare those women (a) try to steal your money and (b) tell you that the only way you can participate in democracy is by giving money.

It's disgusting and it's corruption and it's embracing everythign that's wrong with our system.

St. Barack walked away from public financing of presidentail campaings and it appears we're the only ones who noticed it.  We called it out in real time but we were alone and we're still the only ones raising the issue.  PUblic financing of all campaigns should be the push.  

But we won't push for that when we're under the assumption that if we steal enough pennies from the working class, we can win races.

It's digsuting, it's appalling and those women owe their audience an apology.

Alan Jones (INDEPENDENT) reports on Nils Melzer's battle to bring attention to the persecution of Julian:

“There is no serious crime he is being accused of. There is no legal basis for keeping him in a high security prison,” Mr Melzer told a media briefing organised by the Foreign Press Association.

He said he declined to become involved when he was first approached, shortly after Mr Assange sought refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but acted after receiving medical reports.

Mr Melzer visited the WikiLeaks founder in prison, saying: “I did not expect to find torture. What I found shocked me.”

He claimed “mass violations” of Mr Assange’s human rights, which he added have not been properly addressed.

Facts surrounding the case have been “deliberately distorted”, claimed Mr Melzer, adding that the governments of the UK, US and Sweden have refused to engage with him constructively.

He claimed there was a “wall of silence” surrounding the treatment of Mr Assange, saying he has been shocked by the lack of response from the public.

Turning to Iraq, the country that the US government destroyed and that the women reaching in your pocket ignore, the political stalemate continue.  Elections were held October 10th.  It's the middle of February, past the Constitutional deadline for a president to be named, and Iraq has no president.  They have no prime minister.  Elections were four months ago.  

Dilan Sirwan (RUDAW) reports:

The head of the pro-Iran Coordination Framework on Sunday rejected claims made by the Sadrist led tripartite alliance on Friday saying they had faced threats.

“What we have seen and heard recently in the media about threats to the lives of some political figures, we categorically reject them,” Nouri al-Maliki said in a tweet, adding that they found frequent talks about threats without evidence “surprising”. 

“If the threat is true, we demand that these personalities present their evidence before the judiciary, and we will be in solidarity with them,” Maliki added.

I agree with former prime minister and forever thug Nouri.  It's not the Shi'ite militias attacking.

Over the weekend, RUDAW reported:

Shiite influential cleric Muqtada al-Sadr said on Friday that the members of his tripartite alliance for the formation of a new government in Baghdad have been threatened again. 

“Once again some people threaten our allies and partners who have called for a national majority government … Stop threatening. I reaffirm that we will not give up and will not allow terror and corruption to control us,” said Sadr in a tweet without providing information about the alleged threats and those involved. 

Hours later, Mohammed al-Halbsousi - who leads Sunnis in the tripartite alliance with Sadr and the largest Kurdish bloc, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) - said that they will not accept such threats.   

“There are some incomplete attempts to violate the sovereignty and dignity of the state. We are not afraid of their weapons and do not accept their threats,” he said in a tweet. 

Stop threatening, hiss Moqtada.  MEMO noted, "Al-Sadr did not mention the names of the sides threatening him over his plan to form a majority government, but he confirmed that the threats were reccurent."  MEMO also noted, "A bomb attack targeted the party headquarters of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi in the western Anbar province, according to a local security source on Saturday, Anadolu Agency reports."  That would the head of the group of Sunnis that have joined with Moqtada.  It appears that they aren't very popular with their own.  In fact, that's what the earlier attack suggested as well but a head-up-the-ass western press wanted to blame that on the pro-Iranian militia groups.  For them to carry that out in Baghdad was possible but not likely.  For them to carry it out in western Anbar not possible, not without drawing attention to themselves.  

In calling out the nonsense of Marianne and others last week, I noted that the women in Iraq are suffering and that violence against women there is only increasing.  Despite being women, Marianne and the other 'gals' have nothing to say bout that.  Today, Layal Shakir (RUDAW) reports:

Iraqi top court on Sunday rejected a plea by a women’s rights group to end the legal justification of a man beating his wife days after at least five women were knifed to death, burnt alive, and shot by their husbands or male relatives across the country.

Iraq’s Federal Supreme Court dismissed an appeal filed by the Iraqi Women's League that deemed Article 41 of the Iraqi Penal Code unconstitutional. The article allows violence as “it gives a husband a legal right to punish his wife within certain limits prescribed by law or custom.”

In a statement published in Tareek al-Shaab newspaper on Monday and seen by Rudaw English, the court stated that the article the organization appealed against “stipulates the right to discipline within the limits established by law, Sharia, or custom.”

Thanks for doing nothing Marianne, Katie, Bri-Bri, Krystal and Julianna Forlano.  I'm sick of it.  I was part of an earlier wave that grasped if we (women) didn't raise the issue no one was going to.  We (the US) destroyed Iraq.  It was the most advanced country in the Middle East for women before the US-led invasion.  WE destroyed it.  And women are suffering but let's all ignore it?  Outrageous and shameful.

Don't give me any of your 'girl power' because you're f**king ridiculous.  If you're not amplifying the fight for their rights that Iraqi women are having to make (and having to make it because of what our country did to IRaq), then you're not about women.  You may be a gender traitor, a queen bee, a stupid bitch.  But you're not a feminist and I'm not going to allow you to pretend otherwise.

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