Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Hillary Clinton's scandal

This is the opening of Jonathan Turley's piece about Hillary Clinton's campaign spying on Donald Trump:

Pediatricians call it “breath-holding spells.” It was when children hold their breath when upset until they experience syncope, or passing out. The media in Washington appears close to a collective faint over the recent filings of Special Counsel John Durham. While the media has largely buried or downplayed the alarming disclosures by Durham on the origins of the Russian conspiracy claims, Durham keeps adding new details implicating top Democratic figures in what he describes as an ongoing investigation. You can only hold your breath so long and Durham shows no signs that he is done by a long shot.

The latest disclosures by Durham are difficult for many in the media to cover because they directly refute years of prior coverage. Many in the media lampooned Donald Trump for claiming that the FBI and the Clinton campaign spied on Trump Tower and his campaign. Yet, we later learned that the FBI did spy on the campaign. In 2020, the media largely ignored that finding.

That is when the first stage of syncope began:  the “prodrome” with signs of media “discomfort, extreme fatigue, weakness, yawning, nausea, dizziness, and vertigo.

Now, Durham has told a court that he has evidence that Clinton operatives  “exploited” access to systems at the Trump Tower, Trump’s apartment building, and “the Executive Office of the President of the United States.” The operation allegedly not only targeted the campaign and the Trump Tower but continued after the election.


Meanwhile, FOX NEWS notes:


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions as to whether or not her presidential campaign spied on former President Donald Trump.

"Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign," Hillary was asked by a Daily Mail reporter in New York City on Tuesday. "When are you going to comment on the spying allegations, Hillary?"

Clinton declined to answer both questions as she simply waved at the reporter while continuing to walk inside a building.


And Michael Goodwin (N.Y. POST) offers

Here’s a quick quiz: How do we know the new developments in special counsel John Durham’s investigation are important? 

Answer: Because The New York Times and Washington Post claim they aren’t important. 

Big Media’s messengers for the Deep State are nothing if not consistent. For years they sold the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax as the greatest story ever told. And now that the entire story is being unmasked as a figment of Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambition, the same suspects insist there’s nothing to see here. 

Move along, they say. And by the way, did you see what Donald Trump did today?


This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today:


Tuesday, February 15, 2022.  One of the reasons the US started the war on Iraq is back in the news and we examine her latest scandal below.

In the video above, Krystal and Saagar discuss the latest in the Durham probe.  Hillary Clinton's c 2016 campaign is accused of spying on Donald Trump when he was a candidate and then went on to spy on him after he was president.

It's the Russia hoax that Hillary started.  It was the thing that derailed the nation's emdia and kept us from moving forward as a people.  Now there's some other distraction that could have been used because the government doesn't serve the people and, no, Nancy Pelosi, you don't even feed the people.  The US government leaches off the people and misues all tax dollars as they do everything but serve the American people.  That's when it's Democratically controlled, that's when it's Republican controlled.  That's the reality that explains why any other western nation offers universal healthcare but the US doesn't.   Anything needed is pushed aside and the money ends up going to billionaires and to weapons and to wars.

Hillary, as then-President Barack Obama was informed in the summer of 2016, created the whole Russia hoax because she was trying to distract from her e-mails which she continues to lie about to this day.  Someone needs to tell the hag to get off social media.  Just last week, Hillary and her cult were trying to say that if Donald Trump destroyed documents it was the same as what Hillary was accused of doing.

No, you stupid f**king idiots, it's not.

If Donald destroyed documents, it may very well be a crime.  I'd have to burrow into the documents .  It's most likely a civil crime based on existing law, if  Donal did it.  It may even be a felony.

But Hillary's destruction of property -- after an investigation began -- is not the same thing.  There was no ongoing investigation regarding Donald.  Hillary destroyed property while she was the subect of a criminal investigation.

Next, Hillary's e-mails were not so outrageous because she destroyed evidence.  It was because she was putting people at risk.

The nonsense lie about WIKILEAKS putting people at risk -- a lie Hillary herself has repeated?  Didn't take place.

But Hillary refusing to follow security protocols did put people at risk.  That's why she wasn't supposed to be using any device that wasn't secured by the US government.  

That's why you see members of the US military being charged and imprisoned if they do the same in terms of their e-mails.

I'm just not in the mood for a love cult around an ugly hag who has brought more shame to the US than any other woman.  That is the reality.

I like Bill Clinton but I have told him to his face that his childhood has resulted in him needing to create drama that outrages Amreica to prove that he's loved despite whatever he does.  That is his childhood and that is his story as a public servant.

Hillary has lied repeatedly about how she's a victim.  No, she cuts corners and she does ethically questionable things.  She can't seem to help herself.  And when she's in trouble for this or that, she's screaming that she's the victim.  

The revelations from the probe should be covered and they're not being covered.  Jimmy Dore did a segment live last night that is not yet available for streaming in his archives.  But notice that Krystal and Saagar are about the only ones covering it.  And they do a rather weak coverage and Saagar says that it's 2022 and we've got other things to focus on.

Oh, hell no.  This derailed a presidency.  This was a massive lie told to the American people.  And Hillary pimped it and promoted it and refused to go away.  The hag needs to go.

She's a former First Lady who is 74 years old.  Go away.  She's a one term Cabinet member and a two term US senator.  She has no accomplishments to speak of and, honestly, I'm sick of her ever changing hair dos and how none of them work -- nothing can, her ugly insides are now reflected in her face.  She's a hag responsible for the deaths of Iraqis.  She's a hag who refused to help the Iraqi women.  She's a hag who when giving a major speech about women and the way they are treated refused everyone -- even one of her five best friends -- that begged her to include the country of Iraq and help shine a light of the suffering of women there.  She's a useless hag who cries 'I'm a feminist vicitm.'  No, you're not.  You're someone whose actions repeatedly require that you be scrutinized.  And feminism is about women.  Feminism is not about Hillary Clinton.  If your focus is yourself, please stop pretending to be a feminist.  Please stop using every tiny criticism aimed at you to try to prove that you're the victim and you're a feminist.  

If you're not helping other women, you're not a feminist.

Who does Hillary help?  Cheating men.  Men who cheat on women.  Brett McGurk, Philippe, her own husband, all the men around her are dirty cheats and it's behavior she likes, that she's attracted to.  It's why we can all list, easily, five women Bill had sex with -- not attempted to, but had sex with -- and let's make it six because his rape of Juanita Broadrick did happen.  I believe her.  (I also believe that Bill thought it was just some 'good, rough sex' because he can be a bit of a pig.)  I believe Juanita said no and I believe that no was chuckled at by the vanity of Bill which was so great that he couldn't believe the no was serious.

But when a man cheats on you and does so publicly and does so repeatedly, don't tell me you're a feminist.  You're a doormat, you're not a feminist.  

(Now if you're into some deep sexual humiliation in public, if that turns you on, you could still be a feminist -- male or female, you could be.  But Hillary's never been a sexual creature which is why the efforts to paint her as a lesbian never worked.)

She's a doormat and she's titilated by these men who cheat on their wives, she surrounds herself with them.

Did someone say "straying dick"?  Oh, look, it's Anthony Weiner.

As MEDIATE notes, he went on Sean Hannity's program as he tries to rehab his reputation.  He's a convicted felon and a registered sex offender. WABC radio is giving him a co-hosting job.  Apparently radio needs to be hiring registered sex offenders who went to prison for sending pornography to minors?  He sent it, plrease remember, while he was attempting to  pursue a physical relationship with a minor.

 As THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER via THE DENVER GAZETTE reminds, "An investigation into Weiner revealed evidence concerning Clinton's private email server, reopening an FBI investigation into Clinton just weeks before Election Day."

It's always a rampant and a vile sewer around Hillary.  After awhile, you have to acknowledge that she's responbile for this because she actively seeks these type of men out.

Why do we have to go into this and more?  Because others won't.  Right-wing media critic NEWSBUSTERS notes in a Kevin Tober piece:

Just like their broadcast network counterparts, the primetime hours of both CNN and MSNBC completely ignored the bombshell court filings from Special Counsel John Durham showing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign allegedly spied on then-President Donald Trump both at Trump Tower in New York and the White House. In fact, with the exception of a brief segment on Jake Tapper's show in the 5 pm hour on CNN, the leftist media spent the entire day ignoring the revelations. 

In the primetime cable news block which is generally defined as running from 8-11 pm EST, CNN and MSNBC decided it was more important to obsess over topics like former President Trump's finances, attacking Texas' voter integrity legislation, and the Democrat's January 6 committee. 

Credit where it's due, CNN's The Lead host Jake Tapper did cover the Durham news but he only devoted a measly two minutes and forty-seven seconds to it over halfway through the second hour of his show.

"In our politics lead now, new revelations about the 2016 presidential race by the Special Counsel appointed by former Trump administration Attorney General Bill Barr," Tapper announced. "In 2019, as you might remember, Barr first assigned U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation. And then before Barr left office in 2020, he made Durham a Special Counsel."

"Durham has since indicted Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman as well as a Russian analyst, both of them for allegedly lying to the FBI. Both of them are pleading not guilty," Tapper said, giving viewers the background information before updating them on the latest developments. 

NEWSBUSTERS also offers a podcast on the developments here.  Where's FAIR?

Oh, that's right, it's Hillary Clinton.

They have no ethics with regards to Hillary.  They want to loathe her -- and did so in 2008 openly when she ran for the Democratic Partys presidential nomination.  The corporate media offered the most vile and sexist commentary and FAIR was . . . silent.  Yes, there was one sentence, I know.  Ava and I covered it repeatedly at THIRD over and over.  (Here's one example.)  One sentence noting the sexism.  And they call themselves a critic of the media.  They're a bunch of whores who get contributions to whore.  And they're silent now because their donor base will not allow them to call out Hillary at this time.  They've never had a standard for Hillary.  They've gone with whatever donors wanted at that moment.

Tom Winter (NBC NEWS) is one of the few at a corporate outlet who has covered it:

A tech executive “exploited” his access to computer data at the Trump White House to find “derogatory information” about President Donald Trump, a special counsel appointed during the Trump administration said in a court filing Friday.

John Durham, appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr in 2020 to probe the origins of the FBI’s investigation of Russian election interference, said “Tech Executive-1,” not named in the filing but first identified by The New York Times as Rodney Joffe, used his access to domain name system, or DNS, data to compile information about which computers and servers the White House servers were communicating with.

By the way, where's AP;s article.  I called a friend with AP and he insisted that they must have covered it.  He searched while I worked out -- the snapshots are dictated -- I'm on the treadmill right now.  All he could find was repeated articles on how A-rod was one of the people purchasing a hotel owned by Donald Trump.  And that was an AP reporter who is a defender of his own outlet.  That's all he could find.

MEDIAITE has a video of Howard Kurtz offering a critique of coverage.  Howard Kurts began his media critique role at THE WASHINGTON POST.  He's a centrist and was always to the center of me but we noted him for the Iraq War while he was at THE POST and he did his series on how THE POST miscovered Iraq in the lead up.  He's now at FOX NEWS.  We'd post the video here but it's FOX NEWS.  They don't know a damn thing about videos.  They need to get a younger staff and they need to free them from whatever burdens they're putting on them.  They think streaming their programs live online is the height of the modern age.  They still don't understand a la cart, streaming on demand, all of the changes have passed themm by.  If they could get their act together, we'd post the video fo Kurtz discussing this.  He's making solid points.

Let's note this list of bulleting points and the headline from THE DAILY MAIL:

Ex-Director of National Intelligence claims Biden and Obama KNEW ABOUT Hillary campaign plot to hack Trump servers: 'Enough evidence in Durham's Russia probe to indict MULTIPLE people'

  • John Ratcliffe told Special Counsel John Durham that there is 'enough evidence' to indict 'multiple people' connected to the origins of the Trump-Russia probe 
  • The former Director of National Intelligence met with Durham more than once
  • Ratcliffe's pointed Durham to a declassified CIA memo of Clinton approving looking into Trump's Russia ties as a way of distracting from her email scandal
  • The report was sent directly to then FBI Director James Comey and then-Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Peter Strzok
  • New bombshell reports now reveal Clinton paid people to hack servers at Trump Tower during the 2016 campaign and White House servers following the election
  • A poll taken before those reports came out show that now even Democrats want Clinton questioned over her role in the Russian secret server scandal   
  • 44% of party loyalists believed she should be interrogated last October, but the number jumped to 66% in a January polling

I'm sorry that this is minor to Saagar but it's not minor to the country.  Year after year, we couldn't focus on issues on the left because whores on television were telling this or that whispered lie about Russia and Donald Trump.  Climate change didn't get addressed.  The infrastructure didn't get addressed.

Donald Trump was not the worst president in the world for leftists and much could have been accomplished.  We fought back under Ronald Reagan, for example.  We could have done the same under Trump.  But we weren't about polciies.  We couldn't focus on issues.  We were about lies and rumors regarding Donald Trump.  We were about an alleged pee tape (that never existed), we were about everything that didnt' matter.

And it hurt us and it put us back and it hurt the world.

To this day, there are idiots who believe the lies that were spread by Rachel Maddow and others.  To this day.  This is not something, Saagar, that we can just say, "Oh well" and roll our eyes over.  Maybe you can because you're a right-winger.  But we pointed out in real time that we were abdicating our power and we were betraying out beliefs by embracing this nonsense.

There were real reasons to object to Donald Trump and to actually resist his policies.  But we couldn't do that because we were too busy and too deep into personal smears about Donald and pretending that was somehow about politics.  It was about partisianship.  It wasn't about issues.  It wasn't about fighting for a better way.

Hillary Cliton voted for the Iraq War. Senator Bob Graham begged her to go read the actual evidence before her vote.  She refused to.  And she voted for the war.  It's what the bean counters ('experts') told spineless Democratic members of Congress to do.  And Hillary did it.  (The same way, in early 2004, when 'the experts' told Dems to step away from abortion rights, Hillary stepped away -- so much so that even NYT covered it).  She voted for the war.  She knew it was wrong?  I don't think so.   I think she didn't care to know one way or the other.  She just wanted to do what 'the experts' said would make her look presidential.  by 2004, she knew the war was a disaster.  

She didn't come forward with that and explained to people (including me) that she couldn't admit it was a disaster or that her vote was wrong because if she ended up running for president in 2008 (yes, she was considering it that far bafck), it might make her appear weak or soft -- accodring to 'the experts.'

So as a sitting US senator, she refused to acknowledge the disaster and demand accountability.  Year after year.  In 2007, as she begn her presidential campaign, she got a little more vocal and threw her lot in with MOVEON.ORG -- another entitty whose ethical stand takes place on quick sand.  They were the perfect fit.  She did everything they wanted.  So it was hilarious that they then endorsed Barack Obama -- Barack who had repeatedly called them out and shamed them.

Hillary had some good moments regarding Iraq in Congressional hearings in 2007 and 2008 (though you can't ask Spencer Ackerman -- don't worry he knows his lies and he knows what I'm talking about and you do as well if you read back them when we covered it in real time).  

But she wouldn't apologize for her vote.  

And I saw idiots I knew like Rob Reiner twist themselves into pretzels to try to defend her.  Idiots who I wanted to say to them, "She's not the quack that 'cured' you of homosexuality.  She's a politician.  A little less worship."

And to some of them, I did say that.

She never would honestly address Iraq.  She would get testy.  She would snap.

But she never acknowledged what her vote and her actions did to the Iraqi people.

And, as Secretary of State, she betrayed Iraqi women over and over.  It was her chance to make up for her vote.  It was far too late to change the vote.  But she could atone for her actions, she coud make amends.  But she chose not to do that.  She spent four years as Secretary of State and did nothing but become good friends with Hoshyar Zebari who was the Foreign Affairs Minister of Iraq.

That's the same Zebari, please note, whom Iraq's Supreme Court rules on Sunday could not even run for the presidency because of the corruption charges against thim that they saw as valid and worthy of a trial.

Again, there's a certain type of man that Hillary stands with.

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