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Abraham Bolden

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Black secret service agent was imprisoned for revealing previous JFK murder attempts. I wrote about .

was the first black secret service agent. When he tried to reveal prior JFK assassination attempts he was imprisoned.

  Here's the article she's referring to:

November 22, 2009 will mark 46 years since the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. That date is usually reserved for sentimental nostalgia for the days of “Camelot” and tales of the charismatic president and a family still admired by many people. It ought to be a date to remember the past and continuing corruption of American domestic and foreign policy which led to a day that changed our history and set in motion crimes committed years later.
The official explanation of the president’s death – than an unstable man acted alone – is impossible to believe and ignores information that was never brought before the American people. There are individuals such as Santo Trafficante and John Roselli who confessed to involvement in the president’s death in later years. None of those individuals were ever investigated in even a cursory manner. Doing so would have exposed the government’s illegal activities at home and abroad. As a result of this inaction, the same individuals may have played a part in the killings of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy and continued their illegal activities in the Watergate scandal.
[. . .]
Among the untold stories of the presidential assassination is that of Abraham Bolden , the first black Secret Service agent to serve in a presidential detail. He experienced overt racism at the hands of his superiors and witnessed gross incompetence among his fellow agents. In November 1963 Bolden was stationed in Chicago, where an attempt to kill the president was revealed, causing the cancellation of a motorcade through that city. There was also an assassination plot uncovered in Florida that same month.
When Bolden attempted to contact the Warren Commission and reveal his information about the two assassination attempts, he was himself arrested on a trumped up charge of selling government documents. Despite the fact that a witness against him admitted to lying and a prosecutor pleaded the Fifth Amendment when asked about his conduct in the case, Bolden was convicted and spent three years in prison.

Bolden was punished because he wanted to tell what would have been a very inconvenient truth. The two previous attempts that November proved that the president of the United States was gunned down as a direct result of his connections with criminals and with anti-Castro Cuban exile terrorists. Some of those gangsters were eager to return to their lucrative activities in pre-Castro era Cuba, some took revenge because the president’s brother threatened their livelihoods with his headline-making prosecutions.

If a Rob Reiner really wanted to make a difference, he would make a film about Abraham Bolden.

The fact that he has not goes to the reality that they do not care about truth or representation.  (Remember, Rob Reiner has made many films.  He really does not care to cast African-Americans in the lead.)

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for yesterday:

Friday, October 27, 2017.

The Baghdad-based government in Iraq has been using US supplied weapons to attack the Kurds.  For those familiar with the law, the response required is not words of 'let's all get along.'  No, the law compels the US government to drop all support for the Baghdad-based government of Hayder al-Abadi.

Per an assortment of treaties and agreements -- as well as the Leahy Amendment -- the US must immediately cut off support with the Baghdad-based government.

This means that the administration of US President Donald Trump are currently breaking the law.

Kurds demonstrate & call for support from international community against the attacks of |i forces & Shia militias.

Greg Walters (VICE) updates the conflict:

 On Thursday, Baghdad spurned Kurdistan’s offer to “freeze” the results of referendum, insisting the plebiscite be cancelled outright.
The U.S. has seemed reluctant to do more than beg its Iraqi and Kurdish allies to put aside their differences and talk it out. On a surprise trip to Baghdad this week, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson asked Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to stop using violence against the Kurds.
“We want calm, we want dialogue,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a press briefing this week. “We don’t want any violent acts being taken by anyone on any side.”
So far, no one in Baghdad appears to be listening. 

Ranj Alaaldin (ALJAZEERA) observes:

Washington's decision to back Baghdad in its dispute with Erbil was based on its strategy to help Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi consolidate power and curb Iranian influence.
But by acquiescing to Baghdad's offensive on Kirkuk, the US inadvertently empowered the Iran-backed militias, which have dominated Iraq's security sphere since the 2014 collapse of the Iraqi armed forces.
The PMUs are supported by large segments of the Shia community in Iraq and will almost certainly alter the political map of the country in forthcoming elections in 2018. While in their ranks there are a number of state-aligned units that do not answer to Tehran, the PMUs are led and dominated by two Tehran-linked militias: the Badr Brigade and Ketaib Hezbollah.

The US government's refusal to support the Kurds has led to condemnation in some quarters.  David Shuster offers this commentary.

US abandonment of the in is a moral failure and a strategic mistake, says
Stateside | i24NEWS


The U.S. abandonment of the is absolutely stunning. Everyone needs to hear it. New Podcast...

Having sold out the Kurds and broken the law, the US government has certainly gone out on a limb for the Baghdad-based government.  And in return?  Hayder al-Abadi has attacked US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's suggestion that Iranian influence be slightly curbed.  Further, IRAQI NEWS reports:

The Iran-backed paramilitary force fighting Islamic State alongside the Iraqi government said Friday the United State’s remarks branding one of its top leaders as “terrorist” were a transgression against Iraqi security services.
Ahmed al-Assadi, a spokesperson of the Popular Mobilization Forces, said in statements, circulated by some Iraqi media outlets, that U.S. State Department Spokesperson, Heather Nauert’s description of Abu Mahdi al-Muhanids, deputy chief of the PMF, as a “terrorist” was a transgression against Iraqi security services.
“We are waiting for the Iraqi Foreign Ministry to respond to that transgression,” Assaid stated, noting that those remarks would not discourage the PMF from its mission.

Maybe Hayder and company feel they no longer need US support?  THE DAILY TIMES reports, "Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, whose forces Thursday battled jihadists in the west of the country and Kurds in the north, won the support of Iranian leaders at talks in Tehran."

1/ Am near to Faysh Khabur now, on Iraq/Syria border. Despite Iraqi push, Kurds in control of area. Ambulances waiting to transport wounded.

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2/ Kurdish doctor told me: "Yesterday we had many wounded, especially from artillery, not bullets." Today 2wounded. "It is relatively quiet"

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3/ Talked to Peshmergas who just returned from front. "For now no fighting. Y'day difficult but we stopped attack. No idea about tomorrow."

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4/ As peshmergas bought soft drinks in Faysh Khabur, they said: "We're alone - attacked by Isis, Iraq, Iran, Turkey & int community silent."

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5/ One Peshmerga claimed: "It's a scandal that Iraqi forces use U.S. supplied guns against us which were given to them to fight ISIS."

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6/ Surprising to me 2hear some Kurds near frontline use sectarian language. "Shia try to kill us Sunnis". Kurds usually secular/nationalist.

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7/ In Zakho, Kurdish civilians now putting up "banners with names &pics of our martyrs" who died y'day &today in battle with Iraqi forces.

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8/ ...and more banners of young men who will never see their own children grow up. Too many sad stories here.

REUTERS is reporting that a truce may have been reached.  From earlier today:

forces used drone to locate KDP and PKK locations then Federal police IRAM targets them. Full video will be released soon.

No truce could mean problems for Hayder al-Abadi.  The only thing propping him up has been the US government.

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