Wednesday, April 17, 2019

F**k off, David Cay Johnston a woman hating piece of crap who thinks he can boss us around

David Cay Johnston writes me and I will respond at the bottom but let me be clear if it is too confusing for David Dickless, this old grandma doesn't need his man splaining.  He lies throughout, he is just a damn, dirty liar.  He also seems to think that, because I have a vagina, I have to applaud him for buying the first issue of MS. MAGAZINE. 


I am enraged.  The e-mail went to the spam folder of the public account for THE COMMON ILLS.  Shirley happened upon it this afternoon and called me, "Ruth, you will not believe this shit."

No, I did not.

Dear Ruth,
        You posted comments at your blog Tuesday that lack factual basis facts and leave my mystified. I hope you will take a moment to review this and respond.
         First, you assert that I “only get nasty with women.”
  Clearly you lack a familiarity with my work in which there are plenty of men – including the most powerful men in this country – whom I have exposed, stood up to and go toe-to-toe with on issues. See clips below. 
Among these are Donald Trump and every previous president back to Nixon; governors, mayors, senators, and perhaps most famously LAPD Chief Daryl Gates.  
In business there’s Jack Welch (who gave up $70 million in retirement perks because of a story I wrote exposing them). 
And Barron Hilton, who schemed to literally snatch billions, measured in 2019 dollars, from the mouths of poor children, that should have gone to an order of nuns who had taken vows of poverty. 
There are CEOs who lost their jobs or had to give back big chunks of their pay because I exposed their conduct. 
Significantly, only once in American history has a broadcaster been forced to shut down because of corrupt news reporting, the result of my 1973 expose of Harold F. Gross and how he ran WJIM-TV and Gross Telecasting.
         I have stood up for women in newsrooms who were sexually or other harassed, going back to the early 1970s. And I paid a price for that since some of my male superiors back then were not so sensitized as I was to disparate treatment of men and women. I didn’t just notice, I acted.
In that decade I wrote in-depth pieces documenting gender pay discrimination, which was unusual to say the least for a male journalist in that era. Indeed, I was mocked by some male editors for doing so. I also wrote about the feminization of philanthropy and other issues that affected the pay and status of women.
Some clips for you:

In recent years I’ve spoken on gender pay discrimination multiple times at the annual Women’s Equality Day events, as one of the clips above shows.
As someone who bought the first issue of Ms. Magazine in December 1971 (maybe I bought in January 1972), immediately subscribed, and who for a year carried Susan Brownmiller’s epic work with me and urged men to read it (along with the works of Marilyn French, Letty Cottin Pogrebin and other feminists) your attack strikes me as bizarre. It is certainly without factual basis.
          You don’t cite anything I’ve ever done that you think qualifies for using the vague pejorative “nasty.” If you have an email in which you think I was nasty please produce it.
         You assert that I once sent an email to someone identified as only C.I. “screaming that she had misspelled his name.” Or do you mean Commons Ills?
         I routinely note in emails to both men and women if they have spelled my name wrong, but I don’t “scream.” My most common ways of doing this:
         “Also, there is a T in my last name.”
         “Please note the T in my last name.”
         “And its Cay, not Kay.”
         If you have an email that supports your assertion that I “screamed” at C.I., please produce it.
         A search of “Common Ills” shows 18 references to my name, not one of which support what you wrote Tuesday, April 9, 2019. Note that the mentions below on my name refer to someone else, not me, as the person pointing out the misrendering of my name:

         You also write that I didn’t complain to Bob Somerby about a particular misspelling, which you say originated with him.
         In fact, as Somerby can attest, I have written him perhaps a dozen times over the years pointing to errors, disagreements about facts or the meaning of facts and the like. He’s far from alone in that. You might want to read my series of columns from a few years back in which I take apart the economic nonsense by about five conservative pundits, all of them men if memory serves, including David Brooks and Brent Bozell III. Those columns all call for a better rightwing commentariat, one that marshals facts and eschews tendentiousness.
         I look forward to hearing back from you.

David Cay Johnston
Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, 
an IRE Medal and the George Polk Award

I try to be nice but I am not in the mood for sexist pigs who think they can lie.  David wrote the e-mail I told you about.  I don't have to prove a damn thing at my site and  FUCK YOU, David if you think you are going to tell me what to do.

C.I. was kind to you as I noted in my post.  I am not being kind you piece of shit. 

C.I. did not name you, she went out of her way not to name you.  You are a piece of shit and you are a lying piece of shit.

Bob Somerby mispelled your name.  C.I. excerpted a part of Bob Somerby's writing and you howled and squealed like the pig you are. 

Go fuck yourself.

Now my readers know me.  I have been at this site forever and a day.  You will not find even "damn" in my writing.  Until now.  I asked my children, I asked my grandchildren, they all said,"Tell him to fuck off.  Use the word."

So, David, fuck off.

You e-mailed her 7/17/05, you piece of shit.  Martha and Shirley work the public account.  I asked them about this.  Yes, you did.  And Martha wants everyone in the community to know that she will be writing about this and quoting you in the gina & krista round-robin this Friday. 

You are under some impression, David, that women have to do whatever you say.  We do not.  Fuck you.

And you think you can lie to me about what I know was true.

Fuck you.

Back then, Martha points out, you signed your e-mails with your name David FUCKWAD "Reporter."  Now you add credits because your dick is so tiny you need to something to attract attention.  But back then you just said "Reporter."

Here is the e-mail you sent it from:

You do not appear to have that account anymore.

Well, as the kids say, sucks to be you.

But do not write me again.

You are an ego maniac. 

What a freaky weirdo writing people these long, insipid e-mails about how to spell your name.

Go to hell.



Next time I write, I will deliberately misspell his name.  He is so unimportant yet thinks he is all of that. 

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today:

Wednesday, April 17, 2019.  War Hawk Neera Tandem rounds up her fellow War Whores to defend her from journalism.

Neera Tanden is causing a stink yet again.  She's Tweeted that her mother is a stupid idiot who doesn't understand either the press or how a phone works -- hanging up was not an option because her foreign mother is so stupid and NYT was just so evil to the old woman.  That's what Neera says anyway.  Neera's mother is no delicate flower and if she can handle the stink off Neera, she can handle anything.  (By the way, non-stop phone calls saying, "She really does stink, doesn't she?"  Yes, no joke, she does.  And for people like myself who have a strong sense of smell, she's been offensive for years.  Soap and water, Neera, daily.)  And Neera's little War Hawk buddies from the Democratic Party are rushing to prop her up including the joke that is Paul Krugman.  Paul, you are a joke.

Here's a typical Tweet.  See the problem?

I thought the tone of the his story was weird because he was so clearly outraged for Bernie. Just as bad, if not worse, no one at the NYT edited or asked Vogel to rewrite it. Ken Vogel once requested Chelsea Clinton’s school transcripts, using an FOIA form.

His story?

Elizabeth Williamson and Kenneth P. Vogel (NEW YORK TIMES) reported that story.  Over the years in the US, we've come to expect that women's work is disappeared but if you ever think that's just done by men, grasp that women contribute as well -- women like Amy Mullen who write women like Elizabeth Williamson out the story.

I'm also not sure why Amy Mullen's is grasping the pearls over Kenneth Vogel asking fo Chelsea's transcripts.  He's in his early forties so Chelsea was clearly an adult. It appears he requested that as Hillary was making her second run for president.  That's perfectly fine and Amy Mullen is just a pathetic drama queen who's going to throw anything out there in her lust to protect her beloved Neera.

Faux feminism.  If it weren't for faux feminists, the US might not have any at all.  Faux feminists are just concerned that women get into spots that men hold.  They're not concerned with real feminist issues.  They're break the ceiling gals who want the status quo because they're too limited to imagine anything better.

Hold on though, we're not done with the stupid f**ks.

The NYT story on Neera Tanden should never have brought her mom into it. And whether you agree with Neera's views or not, her aggressiveness is one of her biggest strengths and would be lionized if she were a man.

Feminist Brian Fallon.  Really, "Aggressiveness is one of her biggest strengths and would be lionized if she were a man"?  Well he did work for Hillary so possibly that's where he learned that crap.  But, no, Brian, aggressiveness is not admired in anyone.  No one, in this day and age, says, "Thank goodness he's aggressive in the work force!"  No one says that you stupid idiot.

Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress, admitted to the NYT that she assaulted an editor at her own organization for posing a mild question about the Iraq War to Hillary Clinton.

Brian, you know what you're really doing?  You're making a lot of us want to explore your boy Mayor Pete whose racism is well known in the community he represented.  So as his racist gentrification program becomes a story, remember you did your part to make it one by attacking a legitimate journalism article.

Good summary.

Oh, look, nutty Rosa Brooks.  Well of course.  Neera did send out that e-mail asking everyone to Tweet her defense and so we're seeing those who are compromised rush forward.  Rosa, for those who've forgotten, proposed that journalists be registered.  I'd settle for inoculated but Rosa has always been an Orwellian nightmare.

She's a War Whore who has gotten by on her mother's reputation because she has no accomplishments of her own.  She's a cheap little whore who is either too much of a liar or too stupid to know history.  "Would you run an article about a male . . ."

Oh, Rosa, you old dirty whore, stop pretending you are a feminist or that you know anything.

Rosa, we get it, you're an old whore who tires easily.  But stop playing the 'woman' card because you're not a feminist and you have no grasp on history -- recent or otherwise.  You're just a dirty whore who came forward to defend a dirty whore named Neera.  May you both find an afterlife that is as destructive as what the two of you have done to the world.

Oh, look, disgusting Gwen Ifill's cousin pops up to defend Neera.  Gwen, the dead closet case who made nice with Condi -- cooking with Condi, remember, will always be the ultimate media whore who laughed in real time when Iraqis were shot up by Blackwater, who made jokes about it on the air.  You'd think that would be enough to make the whole family leave public life.  But if you think that, you're giving more thought to it than that pathetic family ever did.

NEW: Last week, reached out to reporters to pick apart ’ “Medicare for All” plan. * has its own plan, which, unlike Bernie’s, reserves a role for private insurance cos. (like those that have previously donated to ).

  • THANKS, MOM! says she’s not out to get & wants unity among Democrats. Neera’s mom, OTOH, says her daughter believes Bernie “got a pass” in 2016, “but he’s not getting a pass this time.”

  • BACKSTORY: In 2008, set up what she thought would be an easy interview for with Shakir, then editor of . But Faiz asked about the Iraq War. Later, Neera punched him & asked “Who the f— do you think you are?”

    THE POLITICS: ’ broadsides against seem designed to rally his base by casting the group as an avatar of the corrupt Democratic establishment that deprived him the 2016 nomination & to signal that he won't abide a repeat of 2016.

    The press that slobbers over War Hawk Pete (and ignores his racism and racist gentrification polices as mayor) chooses to ignore many other candidates including Marianne Williamson.  She had a town hall on CNN last Sunday.

    BASH: You have said that you want to create a Department of Peace Building, which you say would champion peace through mediation and diplomacy. How would that differ from the State Department?

    WILLIAMSON: Well, the State Department works with international issues. And I do believe that we need a far more robust relationship between the State Department and the Defense Department. I have great respect for the U.S. military. We all should and must. My father fought in World War II.

    And as I said, you know, you're the president. You're the commander- in-chief. But I see the military like the surgeon. If you're going to have surgery, you want to have the best surgeon. And I don't think anyone would doubt that in America has to have the best possible military.

    But at the same time, as I -- you avoid surgery if at all possible. Even Donald Rumsfeld, who was the secretary of defense for George Bush, said we also have to wage peace. General Mattis, before he left the Department of Defense, said if you're not going to fully fund the State Department, I'm going to have to buy more ammunition.

    I want a far more robust relationship between the State Department and the Defense, and I also want the moral leadership of our State Department back. When you're willing to -- for the sake of a $100 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, go along with support for a genocidal war that we know has starved tens of thousands of Yemenis, including all those children whose pictures are all over the Internet, when Mike Pompeo says, well, sometimes you can have strategic partnerships with people who do not share your values, no, you can't, Dana. It means you have sacrificed your values.

    So I want the moral principles, the moral core of American foreign policy back. People all over this world used to see the United States as a moral leader. I don't think they ever thought we had it perfect, but that we always tried, and they don't see that anymore. So I want a moral robust peace waging and peace creation on the part of the State Department. I want the moral principles that should be central to American foreign policy back.

    And then a Department of -- U.S. Department of Peace Creation has to deal with domestic issues. We have so many -- we have millions of American children living in chronic trauma. We have the most violent streets. We have domestic war -- war zones in this country. We need wraparound services, antitrauma, restorative justice, conflict resolution, domestic...

    Not really seeing Rosa Brooks, Paul Krugman or the other whores rushing to discuss anything of substance.  They do want to act as if interviewing a grown woman who picked up the phone and did not hang up is some sort of violation.  Well, they're silent on War Crimes as well, why should we expect any humanity from them at this late date?

    Today on NPR's MORNING EDITION, Jane Arraf reports on a youth movement in Mosul.

    <br /> <b class="embed-url embed-url-touch"><code><b class="punctuation"><br /></b></code></b> <b class="embed-url embed-url-touch"><code><b class="punctuation"><br /></b></code></b> <b class="embed-url embed-url-touch"><code><b class="punctuation"> <code><b class="punctuation"><</b>iframe src="" width="100%" height="290" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" title="NPR embedded audio player"></code> </b></code></b><br /> <b class="embed-url embed-url-touch"><code><b class="punctuation"><br /></b></code></b> <br /> <br /> <a href="">Randa Darwish (ALBAWABA) reports</a>:<br /> <b><br /></b> <br /> <div dir="ltr"> <b>Notre Dame, with the religious and historic value it holds for French people and the human history, has its entire roof and unique spire falling down. Meanwhile, the precious paintings and treasures inside the cathedral were fortunately saved by the firefighters' efforts who spent nine hours battling the blaze until it was all extinguished.</b></div> <div dir="ltr"> <b>Luckily, billionaires from France and Europe stepped up to helping to reconstruct the cathedral with millions of donations pouring in.</b></div> <br /> <br /> <br /> <section class="block block-ads-system block-ad-blockwysiwyg-2 clearfix" id="block-adblockwysiwyg2"> <div class="block-entity-ads wysiwyg_2" id="ad-wysiwyg_2"> <div class="ad" style="width: 300px;"> <div class="field field--name-ad-script field--type-text-long field--label-hidden field--item"> <div id="Unit6"> </div> </div> </div> </div> </section><br /> <div dir="ltr"> <b>Pictures of Notre Dame on fire and the international massive media coverage and support it received reminded millions of Syrians, Yemenis and Iraqis of tens of thousands-year-old churches and mosques they lost to&#160;violence and war.</b></div> <div dir="ltr"> <b>Thinking of a loss that can never really be completely restored, they went to the internet to mourn it and post before-and-after pictures for lost historical treasures.</b></div> <div> <iframe allowfullscreen="true" allowtransparency="true" class="twitter-tweet twitter-tweet-rendered" data-tweet-id="1117895463934615554" frameborder="0" id="twitter-widget-0" scrolling="no" style="border-style: none; border-width: medium; display: block; height: 255.4px; margin-bottom: 10px; margin-top: 10px; max-width: 100%; min-width: 220px; padding: 0px; position: static; visibility: visible; width: 500px;" title="Twitter Tweet">
    Aleppo’s recognized 1350-year-old Umayyad Mosque that was almost completely destroyed by war in Syria was one of the oldest historical mosques that got destroyed.

    That's a more polite way of speaking about an issue that has touched off rage.  WHen I saw the Tweets on Monday night I wondered about it.  And then yesterday I heard what?  US student after US student talking about the tragedy.  And it is true that there had been no US attention and mourning for the things lost in the Middle East.  That's in part because Americans aren't taught about those historic buildings.  Mostly, we learn about them when they're destroyed, if we ever learn about them.  Those in the Arab world who feel that Notre Dame gets in one hour more attention and sympathy than the destruction of a major mosque does in six months are correct.

    The following sites updated: