Monday, March 2, 2020

Emily Litella

Did anyone watch SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE when it was a great show? Or catch the first five seasons in syndication? Gilda Radner was a treasure. She was easily the Lucille Ball of 70s television. She created so many inspired and hilarious characters. She did parodies, as well. Of Lucy, Barbara Walters, Nadia Comaneci and many others. But I loved her original characters best. The hyperactive child Judy Miller was always hilarious. So was Lisa Loopner. I loved Lisa with Todd (Bill Murray) but Lisa was good solo as well -- the skit where she plays "The Way We Were" at the piano and details how her love is composer Marvin Hamlisch and how she cries every time she sees THE WAY WE WERE -- even when on the way to the movies. I loved her news correspondent Roseanne Roseannadanna and her stories -- Joyce Brothers having a ball of sweat hanging from her nose, handing an itchy Gloria Vanderbilt a hairbrush, etc. I also loved Emily Litella who was also a news correspondent on WEEKEND UPDATE. Emily always misheard the story she was commenting on. "Too much violence on TV" became her being upset that people were complaining about the number of violins used on TV.

I thought of that when I visited NPR's website and I saw this headline.

"Migrants Again Try To Leave Turkey For Europe, But This Time The Gate Is Closed."

Emily Litella could have a field day with that one. Migrants have a Turkey for Europe but when they try to deliver it, the gate is closed. Is this because of Brexit?

I miss Emily Litella and Gilda's great characters. I did watch SNL last Saturday night. John Mulaney is a very funny guy, probably the funniest doing stand up right now except for David Chappelle. Oh, we did a roundtable at THIRD that will be up later tonight. I slammed NETFLIX. I stand by that. But I do wish I had remembered their stand up specials. I watch Mr. Chappelle's specials, Mr. Mulaney's specials, and Michelle Wolf's special over and over. I have probably streamed Ms. Wolf's special thirty times alone and it has not been up there a half year. That is a hilarious special.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Monday, March 2 ,2020.  Two depart the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination and a prime minister-designate in Iraq announces he's out.

And then there were . . . how many?  As the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination continues, it continues with two less candidates.  Saturday, Tom Steyer dropped out after coming in third in the South Carolina primary.  Yesterday, Pete Buttigieg dropped out.

Though Tom ran a campaign on issues, you'd never know it to watch the laments that followed.  With regards to Tom, immediately various 'leaders' spoke up to inform the country how Tom could now best use his own money. Pete ran a campaign devoted to assisting the corporations.  The post-Pete drivel was all about how he'd proven so much and he'd inspired so many and this was the first in a long line of campaigns to come.

Really?  Well let's hope in future campaigns that he does better than 8.2% of the voters.

It goes without saying that it was the Neera crowd lamenting Pete.  The White-White crowd.  Realizing how far she'd gone, one White former actress felt the need to Tweet a photo of one of her adopted children.  No word on whether, like last time, she Googled her name and "black child" to find the photo this time.

Some tried to insist that Pete would make a great Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  This group wasn't a group of veterans or a group representing veterans.  As we noted here throughout his campaign, Pete didn't register with veterans.  That's because he never spoke of veterans issues.  Also, it's because he's really not a veteran.  He's a cut-in-line guy who avoided the boot camps and other requirements by who he knew.  He wanted a title and, when he could be given one, he signed up.  Real veterans don't tend to respect the Toy Soldiers.

Pete hurt his case further by never knowing what a veterans issue was.  US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard and US House Rep Seth Moulton both had the respect of their fellow veterans.  Whether that would translate into votes or not, other veterans did look at the two and know that they were fighting for all veterans.  And Tulsi and Seth actually saw combat.

All Pete had was the laughable 'Vote Vets' -- a hideous and partisan front group that might be in trouble with the FEC.  No candidate had less experience than Pete.  But Steve Bullock dropped out without getting the easy praise.  Kamala Harris was not treated like a hero when she dropped out.  He never happened but the press is still trying to make him happen.

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday.  NPR provides a run down of what that means.  The following Tweet goes to what it means for most Americans.

This single 45-second video explains the difference between and . In a 5-day period, Republicans tried to cut Social Security. You’ll see which side Bernie and Joe were on. Take 45 second to watch it — and retweet.



In Iraq, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi will no longer attempt to become prime minister.   Ghassan Adnan and Isabel Coles (WALL STREET JOURNAL) report, "Iraq’s prime minister-designate withdrew his candidacy for the position on Sunday, saying he faced obstruction from some political factions over reforms, deepening political turmoil in the country as it faces a growing coronavirus challenge."

: Iraqi Prime Minister designate Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi announces his withdrawal after failing to secure parliamentary support for his cabinet selection.

Abbas Kadhim offers this take.

Prime Minister Candidate Mohammad Tawfik Allawi withdrew his nomination after the passing of his constitutional 30-day deadline to secure a CoR vote of confidence. (1)

  • Mr. Allawi blamed the “corrupt partisan politicians” for his inability to form a government. That is true in part. But, on the other hand, he submitted a partial cabinet whose members are completely unsatisfactory. (2)

  • Some of Mr. Allawi’s proposed ministers are accused of acts which, if true, should disqualify them from office and call his judgment into question. Others are too old and/or not in touch with for a long time. (3)

  • Mr. Allawi made several mistakes, other than the bad selection. He accused MPs of conspiring to bring him down, calling those who didn’t support him corrupt & essentially dishonorable. (4)

    This development will bring ’s President Dr. back to the drawing board to nominate another candidate in the next 15 days, as PM ’s govt. continues its caretaker role for up to 45 days, or more if no new PM is confirmed. (5)

    THE DAILY SABAH notes:

    Allawi's withdrawal a month after having been selected plunges the country into further uncertainty at a critical time, as the country weathers troubled times, including ongoing anti-government protests and the constant threat of being ensnared by festering U.S.-Iranian tension. Allawi's departure leaves President Barham Saleh with 15 days to propose a new candidate, whom he could name unilaterally without consulting parliament. According to political sources, the president intends to propose intelligence chief Mustafa al-Kazimi.

    This is not the first time that it's been rumored Saleh will back al-Kazimi.  Back in December, AFP reported Saleh was considering al-Kazimi "who is seen to have US backing."

    And the protests continue.

    Teachers in march in protests to underscore the peacefulness of the revolution, a day after announced withdrawing his candidacy for prime minister amid public rejection |


    protesters in Al-Tahrir square, , chant "the people want the fall of the regime" after withdrew his candidacy for prime minister | Telegram Channel: