Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Oh that broke down D.N.C.

The D.N.C. scandals?

I fear my eye balls may eject from their sockets due to non-stop rolling.

How else do you respond to this?

Former Democratic National Committee boss Donna Brazile, in her newly released 2016 campaign tell-all, tore into her DNC predecessor over the “perks” she enjoyed while the party was suffering from a cash crunch that left it dependent on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Brazile, former interim DNC chair, pulled no punches in going after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ leadership style. In her book “Hacks,” released Tuesday, Brazile recalled how she was briefed upon taking over for Schultz on the many perks meant to keep the chair “fat and happy” – including a “big Tahoe SUV” with a driver, a “body woman” and more.
“Debbie had a chief of staff and a body woman. She also had media consultants and a fund-raising consultant. I was free to hire my own consultants, two or three if I liked, and bring in a new communications team. All of that would go on the DNC payroll,” she wrote.

Brazile was briefed on all these benefits by the liaison with Clinton’s campaign. Brazile wrote that she told him she’d sell the SUV and drive herself, and would not hire consultants.
“And God knows I didn’t need a body woman,” she wrote. 

I agree with Ms. Brazile on that.

Let us remember, first off, that Ms. Brazile stepped in and rescued the D.N.C.  Should she have?  I would not have done it.

But she did.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz had disgraced the party and was forced to step down.

Ms. Brazile agrees to step up and be the chair.

The party was broke and in debt and Big Spending Debs is just having herself a party.

I may be wrong but I also believe I heard Ms. Brazile did not take a salary when she was pulled in to replace Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

"I Hear A Symphony" by Diana Ross & the Supremes is one of the 19 number one pop songs (BILLBOARD US singles chart) that Diana Ross has sang on.  November 19th, she'll be on the live broadcast (ABC) of The American Music Awards to perform and to receive the American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Motown Classic is issuing DIAMOND DIANA: THE LEGACY COLLECTION November 17th to note this monumental achievement.

Patty cock burn and he don't care, Patty cock burn and he don't care . . .

Yes, we're back to the always deceptive Patrick Cockburn who has utilized the Iraq War to fulfill his sexual fantasies of serving Iran.

He's back again.

With another ridiculous piece.

This one claims that the greatest threat to peace in Iraq is . . . Donald Trump's picking a fight with Iran.

We don't buy into every rumor about the government of Iran here.  We don't claim that Iran and Iraq should not have good relations.

But we also don't act as a love slave for Tehran.

Not because Tehran doesn't have nice qualities -- I'm sure they must have some -- but because adults should act a little more mature -- at the very least they should do so when in public.

Patrick Cockburn is the perv on Craig's List posting in the personals with his real name.

THE INDEPENDENT, his paper, is not.

It did not lead in coverage about the lies of the Iraq War -- before it started or since.  It did not hold Labour accountable.  Hell, it didn't even cover the Downing Street Memos.

For reasons known only to the increasingly pathetic family of Cockburns, Patrick's bound and determined to bring Donald Trump down.  (I'm sure Donald's more than capable of doing that himself without Patrick's help.)  So he's looking increasingly unhinged -- like his late brother Alexander when Alex would start talking about how global warming didn't exist and it was all a conspiracy and . . .

Patty emotes as only a drama queen like him can: "Fake facts!"

That's the opening statement of his so-called report.

He paints Kurds in a bad light.

He repeats the charges against them -- Hoshyar Zebari, specifically -- but doesn't get a response from them.

He also repeats a claim that Hoshyar lied in a Tweet about a photo.

Did he lie?

Patty, if you can stop applying your make up -- your next performance isn't for hours -- here's what you do.  You open up Google Chrome.  You got to Hoshar's Tweet.  You right click on the photo and choose the search option.

That will give you a visual listing of all the times that photo has been posted online.

Of course, if you did that, you might find out that the Shi'ite you had embedded yourself with was lying about Zebari and you certainly don't want that.

It is appalling how so many have been able to use their personal grudges throughout the Iraq War.

Fake news?

Paddy knows all about it.

THE INDEPENDENT was on stronger ground with this quickly published and now pulled story.

They should have pulled Paddy's nonsense and left the story up about the American that's being held -- at Donald Trump's orders -- in Iraq.

Though you'd never know it from Paddy's one-sided 'reporting,' the Baghdad-based government continues its persecution of the KRG.

Iraq cabinet plans to cut Kurdistan share in 2018 federal budgetIraq's cabinet proposed on Sunday to slash the Kurdish share of the country's revenue in the 2018 federal budget, a move that Kurdish officials said was aimed to further…

AP reports:

Iraq’s highest-ranking Sunni is in Washington this week pleading for more military aid for his community’s militias, hoping the Trump administration will deliver on pledges to counter Iran’s growing power across the Middle East.
Osama al-Nujaifi is one of Iraq’s three vice presidents, and his brother heads a prominent Iraqi defense faction. Both have been represented in Washington by the same lobbyist employed last year by Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser. In February, Trump fired Flynn, who is now under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

It's smart to make that request.

You never know when Hayder's going to return to again persecuting the Sunnis.

The Patrick Cockburn's weren't silent about Nouri al-Maliki.

They glorified Nouri.

They treated the thug like a hero.

But he was a thug -- just like Hayder al-Abadi.

And Hayder's attacking the Kurds now and getting away with it.  This will only strengthen the Kurds.  But the reality is he sees this as getting away with it.

The world press is encouraging him the same way they did Nouri.

They are culpable.

In other news . . .

“Caliph” craps himself and flees in a taxi. No glorious martyrdom for him, then. What a surprise.

Actually, I would assume the real news value in that would be that he's still alive -- crapping and all.

How many times has the US-led coalition claimed to have killed him?

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