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Biden and Trump

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Gross, Daddy, I Know Where Her Hand's Been" went up a little while ago. 


boeberts hands

It is amazing that Ms. Boebert has the nerve to hit the campaign trail after all the things she has done in Congress and all the things she did at BEETLEJUICE: THE MUSICAL.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump?  AP reports:

To hear Donald Trump tell it, President Joe Biden is so senile that he doesn't know where he's speaking and feeble enough that others are making decisions for him.

Yet Trump has made notable flubs of his own. The former president mixed up the city and state where he was campaigning last weekend and had to be corrected by a local official. He recently called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán the leader of Turkey and has repeatedly mispronounced the militant group Hamas as “hummus.”

Biden is now 80 and Trump is 77. Trump was the oldest person elected to a first term — until Biden was. Today, the age factor is shaping up as an important issue in a possible rematch in 2024 of their first race, in 2020.

When I read that this evening -- it was published around 5:00 pm, I thought of Ava and C.I.'s "Media: Something's are obvious to the naked eye" -- specifically, the ending of that piece:

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in 2020.  Even Cenk should be aware of that unless he's an election denier.  So his sudden concern that Joe can't this year is rather strange.  Especially since Donald Trump is also going to be four years older and Cenk's positive that Donald will be the nominee.  Donald will be 78 in November 2024 (when the election is held). Joe Biden will be 81.  That's a three year difference.  

If Donald's the nominee and, unlike Cenk, we're not sure he will be.  We're not even sure Joe will be the nominee.  But we are sure that someone who denies the Armenian genocide, whose program title celebrates the Armenian genocides, who last two much smaller elections already due to his racist and sexist remarks and is not a natural born US citizen will not be the nominee. 

He can, however, obviously use this campaign to trash Joe Biden -- can, and obviously, will.

And now, let me note Jordan Hart (BUSINESS INSIDER) writing about President Joe Biden:

The AI villain from "Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One" may have had influence beyond the world of Ethan Hunt.

President Joe Biden watched the series' latest installment at Camp David, and it heightened his worries about the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Bruce Reed, deputy White House chief of staff, said.

"If he hadn't already been concerned about what could go wrong with AI before that movie, he saw plenty more to worry about," Reed told Associated Press.

In the film, a rogue sentient AI known as "the Entity" wreaks havoc on humanity. Cruise's Hunt is tasked with fighting the nonhuman threat.

On Monday, Biden signed a broad executive order that hopes to create safer artificial intelligence.

"AI is all around us," Biden said before signing the order. "To realize the promise of AI and avoid the risk, we need to govern this technology."

I do not know why Mr. Biden did it but I am glad that he did.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today:

Wednesday, November 1, 2023.  The assault on Gaza continues, the world's voice opposing it continues to grow louder, Susan "Medea" Benjamin has entered her LIFE WITH LUCY period while the boys on THE VANGUARD finger-point at Peter Daou while refusing any self-examination.

Meghann Myers (MILITARY TIMES) reports, "The total number of drone attacks on bases in Iraq and Syria housing U.S. troops has grown to at least 23, a senior defense official told reporters Monday. That amounts to at least 14 attacks in Iraq and at least nine attacks in Syria since Oct. 17, according to the official, who was not authorized to speak on the record."  US President Joe Biden painted a target on the backs of US troops in Iraq and Syria the same as he did on the Palestinians in Gaza and on the West Bank when he a-okayed the genocide being carried out by the Israeli government.  

The United Nations children’s agency has warned Israel is committing rampant grave violations of human rights against children in the besieged Gaza Strip. On Monday, UNICEF’s Executive Director Catherine Russell briefed the U.N. Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, warning Israel’s assault is killing or injuring more than 420 children in Gaza every day — a number she said should “shake each of us to our core.”

Catherine Russell: “I implore the Security Council to immediately adopt a resolution that reminds parties of their obligations under international law, that calls for a ceasefire, that demands the parties allow safe and unimpeded humanitarian access, that demands the immediate and safe release of all abducted children, and that urges parties to afford children the special protection to which they are entitled.”

Palestinian health officials say over 8,500 people -- mostly women and children -- have been killed over the past 26 days. On Monday, an Israeli warplane bombed the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, the only hospital in Gaza for cancer patients. The attack set part of the building on fire and damaged medical equipment, drawing a strong condemnation from Turkey. In the past 24 hours, Israeli air raids have also struck near the European Hospital, the Indonesia Hospital and flattened homes in the vicinity of the al-Quds Hospital, where some 14,000 Palestinians are sheltering.

Where's Amy Schumer denying that hospital bombing?  Or have we reached the point where even the liars know there's little use in pretending the assault on Gaza is about flowers and sunbeams?  War Crimes are being carried out.  THE TIMES OF ISRAEL reports:

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday that Israel was “completely out of its mind,” accusing it of crimes against humanity over its ongoing war against the Hamas terror group.

Erdogan vowed to bring Jerusalem to justice over “crimes committed in the Gaza Strip,” and accused the United States and Europe of being complicit in them, while making no mention of Hamas’s deadly onslaught on October 7.

“I believe that we should stop Israel — which looks as if it’s completely out of its mind and lost it — as soon as possible. We will ensure that those responsible for war crimes in Gaza will face justice,” he said in a statement following a cabinet meeting.

Turkey isn't the only country calling Israel out.  Manveena Suri (CNN) notes:

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday condemned Israeli forces' "inhumane targeting" of the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza, saying it "totally rejects the repeated targeting by the Israeli occupation forces of densely populated civilian areas."

The Israeli strike targeting a Hamas commander in the densely populated camp Tuesday killed a large number of people and left catastrophic damage, according to eyewitnesses and medics in the enclave.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns in the strongest terms possible the inhumane targeting by the Israeli occupation forces of the Jabalia refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip, which caused the death and injury of a large number of innocent civilians,” Saudi's Foreign Ministry said in a statement on X, formerly Twitter.
"The Kingdom condemns and totally rejects the repeated targeting by the Israeli occupation forces of densely populated civilian areas, and its continuing violation of international law and international humanitarian law."

The “dire humanitarian situation stemming from the ongoing escalation cannot be justified,” the statement added, noting that “halting the bloodshed, protecting civilians and the cessation of military operations are urgent priorities.”

“The failure to promptly adhere to these principles will inevitably lead to a humanitarian disaster for which the Israeli occupation and the international community bear responsibility,” it said.


When the basic rules of engagement are not followed by a country, it provides other countries with the excuse to break the laws.  And people are noticing what's going on.  Around the world, people are registering how innocent civilians have been penned into Gaza where the government of Israel turned off water, turned off electricity and bombed indiscriminately.  People are registering this violence.  Jessica Corbett (COMMON DREAMS) reports:

  Human rights attorney Craig Mokhiber left his United Nations post with a resignation letter excoriating the U.N. response to Israel's devastating war on the Gaza Strip—a four-page document that has been circulating on social media this week.

Mokhiber, who has spent decades with the U.N., was serving as the New York director for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). His letter to the agency's leader, Volker Türk, is dated October 28—when Israeli forces were shifting to the "second stage" of a war that has killed thousands of Palestinians in Gaza in retaliation for a deadly Hamas-led attack on Israel.

"Once again, we are seeing a genocide unfolding before our eyes, and the organization that we serve appears powerless to stop it," Mokhiber wrote. "As someone who has investigated human rights in Palestine since the 1980s, lived in Gaza as a U.N. human rights adviser in the 1990s, and carried out several human rights missions to the country before and since, this is deeply personal to me."

"We have lost a lot in this abandonment, not least our own global credibility. But the Palestinian people have sustained the biggest losses as a result of our failures."

"I also worked in these halls through the genocides against the Tutsis, Bosnian Muslims, the Yazidi, and the Rohingya. In each case, when the dust settled on the horrors that had been perpetrated against defenseless civilian populations, it became painfully clear that we had failed in our duty to meet the imperatives of prevention of mass atrocities, of protection of the vulnerable, and of accountability for perpetrators. And so it has been with successive waves of murder and persecution against the Palestinians throughout the entire life of the U.N.," he continued. "High commissioner, we are failing again."

The attorney asserted that "the current wholesale slaughter of the Palestinian people, rooted in an ethno-nationalist settler colonial ideology, in continuation of decades of their systematic persecution and purging, based entirely upon their status as Arabs, and coupled with explicit statements of intent by leaders in the Israeli government and military, leaves no room for doubt or debate."

While the death toll in Gaza has risen—topping 8,500 on Tuesday, including over 3,500 children—hundreds of legal scholars have said Israel's war could amount to genocide. Human rights defenders have sounded the alarm over recent comments from Israeli leaders and accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of an "explicit call to genocide" in a Saturday speech.

As Mokhiber noted: "In Gaza, civilian homes, schools, churches, mosques, and medical institutions are wantonly attacked as thousands of civilians are massacred. In the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, homes are seized and reassigned based entirely on race, and violent settler pogroms are accompanied by Israeli military units. Across the land, apartheid rules." 

AMY GOODMAN: Top United Nations officials are expressing growing alarm over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza as the enclave’s last remaining hospitals are on the verge of shutting down due to a lack of fuel, as Israel intensifies its ground invasion while rejecting growing calls for a humanitarian ceasefire. Palestinian health officials say over 8,500 people, mostly women and children, have been killed over the past 26 days. The head of UNICEF said, “The lack of clean water and safe sanitation is on the verge of becoming a catastrophe.” Philippe Lazzarini, the head of UNRWA, the U.N. agency for Palestine refugees, repeated his call for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, saying it’s, quote, “become a matter of life and death for millions.”

PHILIPPE LAZZARINI: The current siege imposed on Gaza is collective punishment. Two weeks of full siege followed by the trickle of aid last week mean that basic services are crumbling, medicine is running out, food and water are running out, fuel is running out. The streets of Gaza have started overflowing with sewage, which will cause a massive health hazard very soon.

AMY GOODMAN: In north Gaza, Israel attacked areas next to the Indonesian Hospital Monday, where Dr. Moaeen al-Masry said the staff is struggling to treat patients.

DR. MOAEEN AL-MASRY: [translated] The damage has been caused to more than one area in this unit. The damage has directly led to the disconnection of the electricity line of this unit. As you know, this means no electricity for the patients and injured here, which directly threatens their lives and could lead to the death of many of these patients. … In a few hours from now, the power will be cut due to the limited fuel available in the generators. Running out of fuel means power will be cut, meaning certain death for many of the patients in the ICU, some of whom need respirators, as well as patients in the surgical suites and patients in other units who numbered around 240 or 250.

AMY GOODMAN: We go now to Gaza City, where we’re joined by Dr. Hammam Alloh, who works at Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza.

Dr. Alloh, thanks so much for joining us. I know you’ve just left the hospital a few minutes ago. You told Jewish Currents yesterday, “I had to stop the resuscitation of a patient who went into cardiac arrest in the dialysis unit, because if she made it back to life, we had no ventilator to offer her. We have to prioritize patients who are younger, healthier. We have lost the ability to provide true care.” If you can talk about the situation right now at your hospital and overall?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: Hey. Thank you for contacting me.

This is not an incident I would really love to keep remembering, but this is — what you just said was exactly what happened to me. As physicians, we are trained to resuscitate patients who go into cardiac arrest, hoping they would make it back again to life, and consequently put them on ventilators to help them live again, go back to life. But I had to stop my co-nurses and my physicians from doing this. They asked me, “Why are you asking us to stop resuscitating the patients? It’s like you’re asking us to kill her.” I told them, “We have no better options. We have no other choices, because in case she makes it back to life, we have no ventilators to offer her. And if there is any, we would prevent a younger, healthier injured patient from entertaining that victory — I mean the ventilator.” So, I don’t know if you would imagine the amount of regret, the amount of sadness I’m living with since this happened with me, but I’m sorry to say there was no better options to go for except stopping that resuscitation.

And if this tells us anything, this tells us how things are really getting worse and worse. I was talking to a journalist an hour ago or so, and he kept asking me, “You told me a week earlier that things are bad. And are these now the same? Because you’re telling me things are very bad, as well, now.” I told him, “Yeah, this was probably a very strange answer from my side, because things were really bad one, two weeks into war, but now they are getting really worse.” We have patients admitted to emergency departments where they shouldn’t be admitted, where there should be vacant beds for newcomers, for new patients. We have patients admitted to dialysis unit. You know, dialysis unit is a closed unit where you offer a service, and when you’re done with your patients, you close your doors. But we can’t do this anymore. We are allowing people to live in the unit, actually. And we are admitting now patients who need care other than dialysis patients.

As the few trucks that were allowed in with aid to Gazan people actually is almost nothing compared to what we need, and there was — many of the contents of these trucks that were allowed into Gaza had water, gloves and gauze, and this is not what we are looking for. We are looking for devices, medications, things of really major help and concern for providing real healthcare for people in need. Number of injured patients is increasing. The number of people with chronic medical illnesses who need regular follow-up and regular maintenance of and the provision of medications is increasing. We are not capable of providing the care, other than keeping people dying from death. This is the only thing we can do. And we can’t properly provide this care, because we are getting — we are running out of medications and supply.

AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Hammam Alloh, you’ve said, “Every day, I see a fear in their eyes that I can’t do much about. It’s very painful. If you have kids, you know how horrible it is not to be able to comfort them, to ensure they are alright, to make them hope for anything beyond living one more day.” If you can talk about that in the hospital, which, as you said, is not just a hospital for sick people? Thousands are taking refuge at Al-Shifa and al-Quds and the other hospitals. And also, we’re talking to you as you just left Al-Shifa. How do you comfort your family? What’s happening to your family as you’re at the hospital?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: I tell them at least we still have a house with a door to close. But many thousand refugees, people like us, who used to live in dignity have no longer houses and no doors to close to protect them as they are surrounded by wastewater, by garbage. They don’t have a liquid, continuous supply of clean water to drink. Many of them have a lot of missing members of their families. They don’t know if they are alive or not. I tell them at least we still have a house to live in, but they don’t have. And surprisingly, my 4- and 5-year-old kids, they accept this as a comfort, as a better situation compared to those refugees living — they are living actually in hospitals, but it’s not like they are living inside the hospital departments. Many of them do not have enough space to go into hospital hallways, so they are living around the buildings and in the garden. So, yeah, surprisingly, my very young kids accept this.

AMY GOODMAN: The Israeli military has dropped thousands of pamphlets warning people where you are, in northern Gaza, to leave. Why don’t you go with your family south?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: And if I go, who treats my patients? We are not animals. We have the right to receive proper healthcare. So we can’t just leave.

AMY GOODMAN: The World Health Organization talked about this issue of telling doctors to leave their patients, choosing your own lives over your patients. Can you talk about that choice, since so many patients can’t leave — for example, babies in incubators?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: You think I went to medical school and for my postgraduate degrees for a total of 14 years so I think only about my life and not my patients? I’m asking you, Ma’am. Do you think this is the reason I went to med school, to think only about my life? This is not the reason why I became a doctor.

AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about what’s happening to the hospitals? Just in our headlines today, we talked about, and in the last few days, the attack on the Indonesia Hospital. The Turkish Hospital is the only cancer hospital?


AMY GOODMAN: Can you talk about the significance of these places, both as a sanctuary, thousands of people taking refuge, and for patients?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: Yeah. Indonesian Hospital is providing healthcare for over 400,000 citizens in the Gaza Strip. And this part of the Gaza Strip is being split from the rest of the Gaza Strip. If this hospital stops providing care, so we are exposing many thousand Palestinian souls to the dangers of disease and death.

Turkish Hospital, with its very modest capabilities even before war, was the only hospital providing care and medications for cancer patients from around the Gaza Strip. It was airstruck yesterday. I don’t know how many patients and healthcare professionals were wounded. And many patients are dying now because they are not safe with their families to go to receive care and to continue their chemotherapy.

Ministry of Health has declared two hours ago also that the electricity would be cut off from Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital, representing 40% of the healthcare power in the Gaza Strip and providing services for many machine-dependent patients, like the ventilated patients and the hemodialysis patients. So, if electricity is cut out from this hospital, so we are directly deciding those patients are going to necessarily die. Ventilated patients will die in minutes. Dialysis patients will die in hours to days after stopping their hemodialysis. Many patients are now being treated with the modest supplies we have. Many diabetic patients are now being admitted to hospital because of their insulin is not being kept in the refrigerator, so it’s not working. We are out — we ran out of many medications, like antifungal medications. We have a patient who died earlier this week with mucormycosis. This is an invasive, ugly type of fungal infection that killed her because we had no amphotericin to offer her. So, my very simple answer to your question is that death is coming to so many people in the Gaza Strip, in hours to days, if this continues the same way it’s going on.

AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Alloh, the Middle East Eye reports on a baby who died, says, “His death certificate has been issued before his birth certificate.” A 1-day-old baby has been killed by Israeli bombing in Gaza. Israel, the military, the government, says that Al-Shifa, your hospital, is Hamas —


AMY GOODMAN: — the site of Hamas command and control. Can you respond to that, Dr. Alloh?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: I’ve been working this hospital for over two years, and I never saw this. So, I’m no lawyer, I’m no attorney, but this is how I am simply replying. I never saw this for over two years. If this is true, I would see at least a clue.

AMY GOODMAN: I want to ask you about the shipments of aid coming in. Normally, in normal times — if there’s ever a normal time in Gaza — over 400 trucks a day. We’re talking about a trickle of trucks now, maybe a dozen, maybe eight in a day. Have you ever seen this aid arriving at the hospital? And can you talk about what you need right now?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: Well, that number you just mentioned that was allowed into Gaza Strip is actually — is actually what you were referring to. It is nothing compared to what we need, nothing compared to the shortage in supplies, machines and medications we are in need for. The only thing, came just as I was leaving the hospital today, was a carton of IV fluid bottles. This is the only thing I saw. And I don’t really know if this came through the aid trucks in the few couple of days, or that was from the stores of the Ministry of Health. In addition, I happened to ask about in the hospital administration, and what they mentioned that was all about the gloves and gauze. And this is not what we are actually only in need for. This is what maybe the least we care for, the least we are in need for. So this is, again, nothing compared to what we are in need for in terms of supplies and medications.

AMY GOODMAN: Finally, Dr. Hammam Alloh, your message at this point to the United States, where we’re based, and to the world?

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: Actually, the message hasn’t changed since the beginning of this war. First, we need this war to end, because we are real humans. We are no animals. We have the right to live freely.

Second, if you were, and your citizens, to live under these circumstances, what would you do for them? This is what we exactly would like you to do for us as a superpower country, as the United States, because we are really as human as your U.S. citizens are.

We were expecting more — earlier, I mean, solutions for that humanitarian and healthcare catastrophes and the crises, but what we are seeing, mainly through trucks allowed into Gaza, is nothing compared to us. So, we are being exterminated. We are being massly eradicated. And you pretend to care for humanitarian and human rights, which is not what we are living now. To prove us wrong, please do something. Thank you.

AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Hammam Alloh, speaking to us from Gaza City, where he works at the largest hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital. Please be safe.

DR. HAMMAM ALLOH: I hope I will be. Let’s hope, both together, I will be. Thank you.

AMY GOODMAN: Thank you. Coming up, we speak to the Israeli historian Ilan Pappé, author of many books, including The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Stay with us.


AMY GOODMAN: “Palestine Will Be Free” by the Lebanese Swedish singer Maher Zain, who sung at an Istanbul solidarity protest on Saturday.

Let's move to the topic of protests.

Despite the assaults on liberty and speech, people are protesting the assault on Gaza.  And good for them.  In most cases, good for them.

Protest is important.  But the point is the protest raising awareness on an issue, not being used to gather attention for one's own ego.

Someone needs to tell Susan "Medea" Benjamin to sit that nasty, tired ass down.

The point of protest is to note an objection with the hope that you can get others to see the issue from a different point of view.

But when it's Susan yet again in a Congressional hearing yet again waving her hands with red paint?

The reaction is not, "How courageous!"  The reaction is, "Oh, her again.  That old woman who protests everything."  No one takes those kind of people seriously.  

Susan needs to grasp that she is not a star and that she needs to stop her attention-seeking behavior.

She's not helping anyone.  She's seen as a kook -- for good reason -- and the true left -- not the airhead Katie Halper set -- grasped fake ass Susan "Medea" long ago -- back when she was saying Barack Obama shouldn't pull US troops out of Afghanistan.

She's a fake ass and she's the face of CODEPINK.  That helps her get media attention but it does not help CODEPINK nor does it help any cause.  It's past time she was pushed out to pasture.  CODEPINK should have made the face of the organization someone much, much younger.  She's the Dianne Feinstein of the faux activist set.  At 71, her tired ass needed to take an elder position long ago.  It's not just certain members of Congress that refuse to allow new blood into the public square.  Isn't it time that Susan moved over to The Raging Grannies?

As it is, she harms the movement.  She looks like a gadfly who only shows up when the cameras are present.  The split last February between her and rank-and-file CODEPINKERs should have ended her association with the group.  She wanted to speak with and stand with transphobes, KKKers and homophobes.  

Due to push back from the rank-and-file, Susan only stood with them, didn't speak with them.  But the fact that she refused to read the room and stood with those people is more than reason enough to show her the door.

Gloria Steinem burned a lot of good will by refusing to step aside for new blood.  Susan is making the exact same mistake.

Click here to see her looking ridiculous as she tries to get attention at yesterday's hearing.  You watch her dramatic, overly dramatic, acted struggle with the police and just fear she's about to hurt herself -- in other words, she's entered her LIFE WITH LUCY period and needs to step aside.

Would I say that to Jane Fonda about her Firedrill Fridays?  No.  Jane created those not all that long ago and there's no organization built beneath her.  They do not bring her celebrity -- the way Susan gets media attention for her ego -- and they often result in real problems for her that she doesn't bore the public with.  

Susan bores everyone with everything.  I got a pie in the face!  Someone bookstore didn't want to do an event with me!  Me! Me! Medea! Me!

CODEPINK was supposed to be a number of things.  But it's supposed to be a group.  And in a group you get new leaders.  I'm not telling Susan to retire.  I'm telling her to step aside at CODEPINK and do a serious evaluation of what she thinks she can bring to the movement.  This isn't it.  Again, she's LIFE WITH LUCY time (and she's only four years younger than Lucille Ball was when she did that awful sitcom).

In other news, what do two capons sound like?  Check out THE VANGUARD.

Peter Daou.  That's who the capons call out.  While Zac calls him out.  And there's no awareness for Zac or Gavin.  These two capons preached and insisted upon Marianne Williamson and then on Cornel West.  "Even with a huge name like Cornel West," Zac insists, some things can't be done.  Cornel West is not a huge name.  He's a nothing.  I'm sorry that you're so dumb and uninformed that even now you can't grasp that.  Cornel was the shuck  and jive artist brought on to shuck and jive.  To make nice with the right wing "brother this, sister that" and that's all he was.  He had no base.  He whined publicly when one university kicked him out the door.  He wasn't able to must enough support to stay at that university.  He was not a big name, he was never a big name.

Zac and Cody -- that's who they are politically, Zac and Cody -- want you to know that Peter Daou needs to stop correcting the record and engaging.  It doesn't look good, they insist.

What doesn't look good is too stupid overgrown boys who never know what they're talking about attacking Peter instead of apologizing to their audience.

They were wrong about Cornel and they were wrong about Marianne.

Now what doomed Marianne from the very start was Kristal Ball screeching at viewers that they had to get behind Marianne.  No, in fact, they did not.  And next go round, tell your supporters to shut up, just shut up.  No one wants to be bossed around and Krystal's actions at the opening of the campaign meant there was going to be resistance.

There's also the reality that Marianne was one of what -- 30, was it 30 how many candidates were there for the 2020 Democratic Party's presidential nomination?  And she didn't do very well with the primary voters.  So that's a reality that Zac and Cody and Krystal should have factored in.  It was no secret that she was rude and toxic with campaign staffers in 2000 -- and with staffers prior to her public run.  

If this was news to Zac and Cody, they should have done the work required before using their program to promote Marianne.

And this should have been the program where they apologized for what they'd done and took some accountability.  Instead, they whine and gripe at Peter and take no responsibility.

They are Michael Moores -- Zac's gaining enough weight to be two Michael Moores.  He was useless long before 2004 and writing essays and columns about how we needed Oprah to be our candidate.

And that is the problem with Zac and Cody.  They don't want to get behind a candidate.  They want to short circuit the process, they want a celebrity that they can rally behind.  

It's so much easier to market a celebrity, after all, than build a true political campaign.

Cornel was a so-so celebrity at best.  But the answer to building something is not taking short cuts -- all that will do is get your construction flagged.  You need to build something solid and you're not going to do that by chasing after whatever celebrity you think you can catch.

There's another issue here that nobody wants to explore and that's the whole behind the scenes thing of The People's Party.  Chris Hedges worked it out that Cornel would get their nomination (Chris was supposed to be on the ticket in fact until, at the last minute, his wife told him "no" -- this has all been covered at BLACK POWER MEDIA but apparently Zac and Cody and most other White YOUTUBERS are too scared to watch hard hitting programs.  Cornel fled them within the week.  Then he goes for the Green Party nomination (with Chris trying to strong arm the party into giving it to him) and then Conrel leaves that.

And you're carping about Peter?

You're griping that he said family problems was why he left Marianne's campaign?

Marianne, your precious Marianne, is the one who told him he better not bad mouth her when he told her he was leaving.

So if you don't like what he said about leaving, you take it up with your hero Toxic Marianne.

But at some point you really need to get on board with self-reflection and accountability for all the spit polishing you both did of Conrel's knob.  (Do you think I care if we're pulled today?  They pulled us yesterday, reverted it to draft.  I'm not changing how I speak when I dictate these things.)

You made fools of yourselves while you tried to make fools of others.  Take some accountability and stop trying to act like Peter was or is the problem.  Your heroes Marianne and Cornel were the problem.

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