Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tara and Hunter -- two who have used up all of America's patience

Isaiah's The WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Tara asks WWPD -- What Would Putin Do?" went up a few hours ago.



Poor Tara Reade, she defected.  I guess she was looking for the most homophobic country she could travel to and Uganda was out of the question because her hair would frizz, so she went with Russia.

Good luck, Russia, she is your problem now.

She has gone there for asylum.  Good, do not let her back in this country.  Let her die there.  We do not need her nor, at this point, do we want her.  Some of us supported her and she repaid that support with lies and by embracing hate merchants.

She could crawl across cut glass and be set on fire and I would not piss on her, I would just let her burn.  The way she burned everyone who ever tried to help her -- she did that her entire life.


Hunter Biden.  The First Felon.  Will he ever face consequences?  I do not know.  However, this is in the news:

An immense catalog of photos from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop were published Thursday on a new website, as the first son faces ongoing investigations into his overseas business affairs and potential tax and gun crimes.

Nearly 10,000 photos taken between 2008 and 2019 will be hosted at after a former Trump White House aide apparently spent months scanning the digital archive, redacting some images and publishing the rest.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Thursday, June 1, 2023.  Tara Reade's running a new con, Margaret Kimberly plays Dolly Parton in 9 TO 5 -- who's been saying it -- we all point to Tara and say in our best Lily Tomlin, "She's been saying it!", the IMF wants to further hobble Iraq, and much more.

How do we deal with insanity?

I think in this country, we practice denial.

First off, Margaret, your definition of defect is wrong as any person aware of the many artists that defected to the US from the USSR could tell you. Second, crazy Tara's the one using the term -- or did you not make it through that video broadcast?

Tara Reade from her 'press conference' in Russia: As far as, like, going to another safe haven, I mean, there are many Americans here [in Russia] --  and I don't want to out a bunch of Americans --  but there are people here that are coming to Russia -- much like back in the day when Soviet Union people defected over to the US.  Now you have the opposite,

So if you don't like people using the term, take it up with crazy herself.

Oh, look, it's Sabby Sabs, now our latter day Jerry Falwell.

Remember The Clinton Chronicles?  Yeah, that's the crazy Sabby Sabs is now embracing and spreading -- and I didn't think my opinion of her could go any lower.

Crazed Tara Reade departs to Russia and wants to defect claiming her life is at risk, that people want to kill her.  Maybe the one behind you in the buffet line, Tara, but the rest of us don't really care about you at all.  She's in danger!  Danger!  She must move to Russia!  And then -- so brave -- she must risk newfound safety in newfound motherland by holding a press conference!!!!!

She's a fat lying con artist.  Let's grasp that right away.

If you actually bothered to listen to that 'press conference,' it should have struck you as so familiar.

Tara is a con artist and has been all of her life.  That doesn't mean she wasn't assaulted.  It does mean she cons people and she's not a very good con artist.  She goes on RISING or whatever in 2020 and she's just glad to be there and she's so safe and feels so good and this support is just amazing and wonderful.  Then she burns these same people after she takes what she can get from them.

You may remember Sabby Sabs joined Tara in trashing AOC recently for never saying a word.  If you don't remember it, you won't find Sabby's Tweet because she deleted it after we pointed out here that AOC actually spoke up in defense of Tara in real time.

That is classic Tara Reade.  People busted their rears to defend her and she didn't care.  She was and remains a joke and an ungrateful one at that.

I love how she's got all these people cheering her on at her Twitter feed and coming up behind their cheers are their comments about how Trump needs a second term.  Her new crowd does not oppose sexual assault.  They're all for it.  But they hate Joe Biden.  So 'survivor' Tara 'believe all women' Reade gets cozy with a crowd that believes no women.  That tells you the cess pool Tara bathes in.

In fairness, a cess pool may be the only thing she can fit into, she just keeps getting fatter and fatter.  Where are they hosing her off at next -- to be Pee Wee Herman about it.

Tara's a user and a con artist.  And that Sabby deleted her Tweet instead of correcting it goes a long way towards explaining how she became the 21st century Jerry Falwell hawking The Biden Body Count.

So Tara burns her Democratic bridge -- not left, she was too stupid and insipid to be left.  So then she's on Tucker and other right-wing shows and, golly gosh, thank you all for your support, I feel so safe and trusted and I really appreciate you.

Did you catch the damn 'press conference'?  It was exactly like that -- again -- because the bad con artist just keeps playing the same con.  Thank you, Russia, for believing in me and I feel safe and welcomed and . . .

Spare us.  While the willful idiots like Sabby play along and indulge Tara's crazy, those of us who can connect the dots caught on long ago.

The kindest thing Ava and I ever did for Tara was not review her book.  Clearly, no one read it.  It was one inconsistency after another.  

Liars get assaulted and liars get raped.  The fact that she's a liar doesn't mean that she wasn't assaulted.  (Speaking of lies.  I'm finding it hard to believe that Tara -- grifter that she was -- lived in the 12th district in 2020.  She keeps insisting she wrote Nancy Pelosi about what happened because Nancy was her Congress person.  I want a former address and a voters registration card before I believe that.  She made the claim in the video and did so in her lying voice that always tells on her.)

Tara was a problem from day one.

I'm not talking about her changing stories.  A victim of assault can change her or his story.  It doesn't mean that they're lying.  It most often means that they don't feel comfortable discussing it -- for any number of reasons.  

I never found that a problem for her.

I did find her glaring stupidity a huge problem. 

She is a geopolitical analyst -- she insists this week and that's got to be the funniest line of the week.

Listening to her prattle on during her initial phase of discussing her assault -- as Tara told us how the world was -- was hearing a college freshman who never cracked a book tell you the history of the United States.  It was a bunch of cliches and a bunch of mistakes.  And it wasn't a left perspective.  It was a partisan perspective. 

She was Diane Chambers -- serving up words that don't really mean anything and in no way demonstrate that she was educated but that can fool the ones who don't know better or who are barely paying attention.

Then she was the Tucker fan and she had all of the 'insight' that only a Mother Tucker could provide.

And now she's found Russia.  In grad school, I wrote a paper about a central American country that basically thrived by pitting the US and the USSR against each other.  Tara is now that country -- probably she's a bit bigger than that country but she is that country.

Russia, watch out.  She's going to turn on you like she does everyone else.

And other people need to watch out as well.  She's claiming her life is in danger.  She started that nonsense last month -- see Mike's "The hideous Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jonathan Turley and Shamoo The Whale Reade."  No.

If Joe Biden was giving kill orders, I kind of believe that the mother of Navy Joan would be way, way, ahead of Tara on the list.  

And in what world is Tara credible anymore?

I'm serious.  She's made herself a loon over the last years and she's not believable.  She herself is not believable.  So there's no need to kill her for something she says happened in the 90s that's already been discussed at length.

She didn't get her fair share of media!  Because she's a damn fool.  We said here, the minute Alyssa Milano started Tweeting about Tara, that Alyssa was getting that from Time's Up! and that Tara needed to do a lawsuit.  

Tara and her co-horts did nothing.  Many months later, we learn what a fraud Time's Up! actually was.  

Tara blew every chance because she was a stupid idiot.  That's not fair.  She was working a con so she might have been too busy to pursue chances.

But she is a con artist.

And her latest con is that she knows so much and is so valuable that Joe Biden wants her dead and she's had to flee the country for her safety -- and probably to get away from several creditors, knowing Tara.

I'm just not in the mood for this nonsense.  I don't think any of us who lived through the 90s are in the mood for this nonsense.

Joe Biden is not coming after Tara or sending people to get Tara.

No one really believes her anymore.

It was always a tough case for her because no matter how many pictures from the early 90s she floated to the press, she was still grossly obese in the present and most people still confuse rape with sexual desire and think you have to be attractive to be raped.

That was strike one.

Strike two?  How about all the predators she spent 2022 and 2023 cozying up to?  Amber Tamblyn is not someone whose integrity is in question.  No one's disputing her claims about James Woods -- except James Woods. 

But there's Tara "I'm an assault survivor" reTweeting James Woods.  There's Tara defending registered sex offender Scott Ritter (who went to prison, who was convicted in a court of law -- after his third arrest).  

She's a con artist and that was part of her makeover for her right-wing self.  

It's one strike after another on her.

Does that mean she wasn't assaulted?

No, it doesn't.

But at this point, and now with the Russia defection, no one should waste their breath on her anymore.  She is a known liar and she lies repeatedly.  It does go to character and, yes, after awhile her actions and her lies bring into question whether anything she says is truthful.

As a witness, she's no longer believable and no one should waste their time on her.

And the 'gift' there for Tara is, since no one believes her, she can stop fretting that someone's trying to kill her and stop pretending she's a 'whistle-blower.'

She's Russia's problem now.  Sadly, we still have Sabby Sabbs.

Not a Sam Seder fan, but we'll note this clip of THE MAJORITY REPORT.

In his rundown of Ron DeSantis' latest problems, Mike noted the War Criminal remarks from FOX "NEWS" (see "Butt exercises and Ron DeSantis").

Meanwhile, Margaret Griffiths (ANTI-WAR.COM) notes, "During May in Iraq, at least 53 people were killed, and 29 more were wounded in violent incidents. In April, at least 47 people were killed, and 65 more were wounded."  At least.  In part, "at least" due to the fact that when noting the Turkish governments attacks on Iraq, she only figures in guerillas.  The Yazidis, for example, aren't part of the count.  Unless the Turkish government has labeled them "guerillas" and then she'll count them.

THE NATIONAL, presumably with a straight face, offers, "Iraq needs fiscal discipline and wide-ranging structural reforms to reduce its economic vulnerabilities as foreign exchange market volatility and a drop in crude production continue to slow its growth momentum, the International Monetary Fund has said."  What Iraq needs is not "fiscal discipline," it needs to end corruption.  Iraq is not short of money, it brings in billions.  And then, due to government corruption, that money never goes to helping the people.   REUTERS notes, "Iraq's May oil revenue was $7.3 billion with an average price per barrel of $71.30, the ministry said in a statement."  There are countries that never see that amount of income.  Iraq sees it but never gets improved due to the theft that takes place.  The IMF always preaches the same strategy and it doesn't work and it's not going to work in Iraq.  Hopefully, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani will be heeded this time and not ignored.  He earlier called out these efforts to hobble Iraq. 

In other Iraq news, AFP notes:

Iraq's shrunken and conflict-scarred Christian community is launching a new television channel as part of efforts to save their dying language, spoken for more than 2,000 years.

Syriac, an ancient dialect of Aramaic, has traditionally been the language spoken by Christians in Iraq and neighbouring Syria, mostly in homes but also in some schools and during church services.

However, Syriac-speaking communities in the two countries have declined over the years, owing to decades of conflict driving many to seek homes in safer countries. In Iraq, the Christian population is thought to have fallen by more than two-thirds in just over two decades.

"It's true that we speak Syriac at home, but unfortunately I feel that our language is disappearing slowly but surely," said Mariam Albert, a news presenter on the Syriac-language Al-Syriania television channel.

Iraq's government launched the channel in April to help keep the language alive. It has around 40 staff and offers a variety of programming, from cinema to art and history.

Meanwhile, some are bothered by the kingdom of Jordan's decision to allow the Baath Party to participate in the political process.  In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was the figurehead for the Baath Party.  The Baath Party always existed outside of Iraq -- it was a pan-Arab movement.  In Iraq and Syria, it took hold.  In other Arab countries, it might not have dominated but it was politically active.  THE CRADLE notes:

The Iraq’s Islamic Dawa Party described the decision of the Jordanian authorities to allow the Baath Party to resume political activities in Jordan as a “hostile and provocative act,” Iraqi Shafaq News reported on 26 May.

The Shia Dawa Party’s political office said in a statement that, “The Iraqis were surprised, shocked, and outraged by the news of the Jordanian government’s permission for the (Saddam’s Ba’ath) party to engage in political activity.”

On May 14, the Independent Electoral Commission in the Kingdom of Jordan approved the political participation of 27 new political parties, including the Arab Socialist Baath Party, whose Iraqi branch was led by long-time Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi political parties have expressed indignation after the Baath party’s licence was renewed in neighbouring Jordan. 

The Iraqi Islamic Al-Dawa party, which is the party of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, expressed “shock and outrage” at Amman’s move. 

Jordan’s Independent Electoral Commission on 14 May approved the political participation of 27 political parties, including the Arab Socialist Baath Party, after changes to its electoral law required all existing political groups to be re-licensed to resume political activities in the country. 

Dawa is usually identified with former prime minister and forever thug Nouri al-Maliki but, yes, the present prime minister Mohammed Shia al-Saudani is also a leader of Dawa.  He differs from Nouri in at least one regard -- Mohammed never fled Iraq.  Unlike the cowards before him, he didn't flee the country and didn't have to wait for the US military to invade in 2003 in order to return to Iraq.

On the topic of Iraq's neighbors, Gustaf Kilander (INDEPENDENT) notes the results of Turkey's relections:

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose rule has grown increasingly authoritarian during his two decades in power, won 52 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s runoff election, securing another term.

At the end of his next term, he will have been at the top of the Turkish government for a quarter-century.

During his rule, Mr Erdogan restricted press freedom, imprisoned journalists, and used the LGBT+ community as a cudgel in the culture war to attract socially conservative voters as his chaotic economic policies have sent the Lira into a tailspin.

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