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Now for a video about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

 David R. Wrone (born May 15, 1933) is an American academic, author and historian. He is a professor emeritus of history at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and a specialist in the fields of Native American history and political assassinations, writing books and articles on the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. Wrone has devoted more than 40 years to researching the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is a frequent author of book reviews on the assassination, and edited The Legal Proceedings of Harold Weisberg v. General Services Administration (1975), the court record on the lawsuit to obtain the executive session transcripts of the Warren Commission from January 20, 1964 and January 27, 1964. Wrone sued the United States government for records of Abraham Zapruder's 26-second film of Kennedy's assassination, in particular records relating to its acquisition and purchase. Wrone taught a course in the subject at UW-Stevens Point, and in 1993 published the book, The Zapruder Film: Reframing JFK's Assassination, an in-depth analysis of the film. According to Wrone, the film proves that there was more than one gunman firing at Kennedy's motorcade. He is a frequent critic of the Warren Commission and its subsequent report, which he believes was padded with useless information. Wrone said in 2013, “When you go through those 912 pages, you'll find that it tells you Lee Harvey Oswald in 1941 had a dog called 'Sunshine' and that his aunt worked in 1929 in Woolworths dime store in New Orleans. It also tells you that John Quincy Adams, President of the United States, liked to skinny dip in the Potomac River, and that President Chet Arthur liked to ride the streetcars. It also tells you many other interesting things that had no relationship whatsoever to the murder of President John F. Kennedy.” Wrone has commented on Oliver Stone's 1991 film JFK by stating: "The film fails on logic, fails on fact." He described Stone's premise of a conspiracy involving the Central Intelligence Agency and a so-called military-industrial complex as "irrational". According to Wrone, other assassination films, including Executive Action and Interview with the Assassin, are "the commercial exploitation of a great tragedy". Regarding the latter film, he said: "The facts in Interview with the Assassin were so egregiously in error, I had to stop watching it." He is one of several academic critics of Gerald Posner's well-known JFK assassination book Case Closed (1993), which Wrone blames for "massive numbers of factual errors" as well as off-base speculation. He also criticized pundit Bill O'Reilly's 2012 book, Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot, calling it "one atrocious book." David E. Kaiser (born June 7, 1947) is an American historian whose published works have covered a broad range of topics, from European warfare to American League baseball. He was a Professor in the Strategy and Policy Department of the United States Naval War College from 1990 until 2012 and has taught at Carnegie Mellon, Williams College, and Harvard University. The Road to Dallas, about the Kennedy assassination, was published by Harvard University Press in 2008. The book accepts the Warren Commission's finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, but posits that he was an opponent of Castro used by mafia leaders who wanted Kennedy and Castro dead. Publishers Weekly's review stated: "While plenty of authors have argued that the Mafia and anti-Castro Cubans were behind the assassination of President Kennedy, few have done so as convincingly as... Kaiser." Kirkus Reviews said that "the narrative’s level of detail, sober style, strict adherence to its double-track theory and plausible argument make it worthy of consideration." Timothy Naftali review for The Washington Post stated that he did not find Kaiser's arguments to be plausible or persuasive and described The Road to Dallas as "manic and unreadable". In a lengthy review for Washington Decoded, Max Holland stated The Road to Dallas was "the most embarrassing work about the assassination ever printed by a scholarly press". Max Holland (born 1950, Providence, Rhode Island) is an American journalist, author, and the editor of Washington Decoded, an internet newsletter on US history that began publishing March 11, 2007. He is currently a contributing editor to The Nation and The Wilson Quarterly, and sits on the editorial advisory board of the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence. Douglas Brinkley (born December 14, 1960) is an American author, Katherine Tsanoff Brown Chair in Humanities, and professor of history at Rice University.

This is C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" for today:


Thursday, May 12, 2022.  Today, we look at the fake assery.

The lies and the fake assery never stop and that includes from the media.  Deepa Shivaramn (NPR) types up the following:

The Women's Health Protection Act, a Democrat-led bill that would effectively codify a right to an abortion, failed to pass, as expected, after it did not reach the Senate's 60-vote threshold. All Democrats voted for the legislation except Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and all Republicans opposed the bill.

In a rare occurrence, Vice President Kamala Harris presided over the vote, which was 49-51.

[. . .]

Because it was never likely to pass, the vote was effectively symbolic. "I think it's really important to have this vote to show where everyone stands," Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota told NPR on Tuesday.

I'm sick of the damn lairs in congress and I'm sick of them in the press.

The bill needed 51 votes.  The 49 were expected.  Yes, even Bob Casey Jr. because he knows how unpopular outlawing Roe is in Philadelphia.  Joe Manchin should have been held in line with carrots or sticks.  The stick should have included, we will priamry you.  And they should primary him.  He never votes with the party when they need him.  He gives cover to Republicans who would otherwise look extreme "Even Democrat Joe Manchin . . . "  

It should have been explained to him wha tthe consequences were.  Barac k Obama explained to Dennis Kucinich that if he didn't vote for ObamaCare that he would not be in the US Congress.  (Dennis caved and,  ha ha, lost re-election anyway.)

That would have brought you fifty.  You needed one more with Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski the two you nudge.  It shouldn't take much and that's where you use the carrots.  

But let's say you couldn't get either of them to budge -- hugely doubtful --but let's say it.

It would have been a fifty to fifty bote.  What happens then?

The tie breaking vote comes from the sitting vice president Kamala Harris.  All that needed to be explained to Joe was how hard the party would come down against him and that they would primary him.  

they didn't fight for it, they didn't do a damn thing except pose and preen.

And that shouldn't cut it.

Nor should we buyi into the lie that if we turn out in November, then our Dems in Congress will pass the law making Roe legal.

It's not going to happen.  ANd you're trash if youre presenting that lie as truth.

Forget everything that is going on right now.  Th ehistorical pattern is that the party in power (Democrats) will lose at least one house this fall in the mid-terms.

So that's two years of nothing.

Now Nancy Pelosi told us ahead of the 2006 mid-terms that to get US forces out of Iraq, we had to deliver one of the two houses of Congress to the Democratic Party.  We delivered both houses to the party.  

Earlier this week, in what the US government is calling a "mistake," US forces shot up homes in Iraq.

US forces didn't leave Iraq.  

They used people, they lied to them and since theyd done so well lying about ending the war in 2006, they used it to grab the White House in 2008.

Barack never pulled all US troops from Iraq -- it was a drawdown, not a withdrawal.  In addition, in the fall of 2012 he began sending US troops back into Iraq -- a detail that the presidential debates chose to ignore that year despite THE NEW YORK TIMES reporting on it and having a general on record explaining it.  Then in 2014 even more were sent in.

What does the US Congress do?

If they can't protect a woman's right to choose right now, when are they going to?


And I don't need to hear their lies about 'when they grow up.'

Nancy Pelosi is is 82 years old, Chuck Schumer is 71.

they've been in Congress for years, they've been in leadership for years.

They aren't cute little six-year-olds telling us that some day, when they're big, they're going to be ballerinas and cowboys.  

This is the job they wanted and they need to do their job.

The press needs to stop lying for them.  

zAll they needed was to get Joe to vote yes and it would have gone to tie-breaker Kamala even if Lisa and Suan had refused to come on board.

And that would have given Kamala something historical to run on.  

People say I'm not hard enough on her.  They give her nothing.  Can you imagine Joe Biden putting up with the scraps the administration tosses to Kamala?

The Democrats need to ge ttheir act together or the people need to face the fact that the party never will.

Now they are going to suffer a loss in the mid-terms this fall.  That's  a given before you add in the realities.  There is the very unpopular Ukraine issue.

A lot of people are finally noting that Barack Obama refused to support the fighters with money the way Joe is doing.  Barack wa shappy to overturn an election there in 2014 and install Nazi linked people.

He just wasn't so stupid that he was going to send large amounts of US monies to racists.  That's what Ukraine is.

And that's what the media loves, right? 

They look like them -- I'm sure they do, in their heart of hearts, they look just like the US corporate media -- racist.

That's why they don't care about the wars in AFrica.

But they'll show up to stand with their racist brothers and sisters.

And Barack realized that his bi-racial card -- he claimed bi-racial until he lost to Bobby Rush -- would get pulled historically if 'the first Black man to be US president' also gave billions to a racist regime that used the N-word for Black people and that the Peace Corps had to provide an advisory warning on.  

Joe Biden doesn't care.  He thinks he can bamboozle again -- maybe come up with a story about someone named June Bug?  

But there were serious racial issues at play and Joe ignored them and shoved this down the throats of the American people.  

It's unpopular and it's only going to get more unpopular.

Some people are angry that Us (Bono and The Edge) went to Ukraine.  I'm not.  That photo of them on stage with the Ukraine musician as that musician flashed White power signs?  People are seeing it and they are reacting.  And they should be.  

Then you've got all the pro-Nazi Tweets that the 'leader' keeps Tweeting out.

The world is watching this and there will be accountability for those who have argued that the American people should live in poverty and face 40 year high inflation rates while Joe Biden and our Congress supported racists in another country.

There will be hell to pay.  

And I'm talking historically.  Jen, you didn't get out soon enough to save your lily white ass.

Now in the immediate future?

Abortion is not going to rally people to the polls for Democrats.  It never has.  It has let them peel off a group of voters in tight elections.

People will be focused on the economy in the mid-terms -- and in the next presidential election.  In the mid-terms people will be coping with the way Joe Biden has ruined their lives.

A woman e-mailed, I've mentioned her before.  She's a single mother in college.  Her classes start early in the morning and there's no way she can get there in time by public bus.  She takes it back home but she would miss class if she tried to take it in the morning.  So she has to pay for a cab.  And, in 2020, that cab ride cost her $7.13 before the tip.  Today>  Well, yesterday, she wrote that the prices had again gone up and the same trip was now #12.13 cents.

That's without any tip.

People can't afford that.

He has screwed up the country and he and Congress are out of touch.  

How many seats they lose in the mid-terms will depend upon whether or not they codify Roe.  And, if theyre not doing right now, they're not going to do it.   They'll always have an excuse and they'll always use it -- as they have in the past -- to turn out votes in close elections.

From the US House website -- a page maintained by the House of Representatives:

Laws begin as ideas. First, a representative sponsors a bill. The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended. If the bill passes by simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate. In the Senate, the bill is assigned to another committee and, if released, debated and voted on. Again, a simple majority (51 of 100) passes the bill. Finally, a conference committee made of House and Senate members works out any differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The resulting bill returns to the House and Senate for final approval. The Government Printing Office prints the revised bill in a process called enrolling. The President has 10 days to sign or veto the enrolled bill.

They fight for trouble, where ever there's freedom, NATO troops are there.  NATO issued the following:

 On 10 May 2022, Major General Giovanni Iannucci from Italy assumed command of NATO Mission Iraq, following a change of command ceremony held in Baghdad. He succeeds Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard from Denmark, who had assumed his command on 6 May 2021.

On the occasion of the change of command, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg offered the following recognition: ''I commend Lieutenant General Lollesgaard for his outstanding services and exemplary leadership, and for the daily efforts that he and his personnel undertook to ensure the progress of our mission, in close coordination and cooperation with the Iraqi authorities. And I welcome the arrival of Major General Iannucci to head up our mission. I look forward to working closely with him as he leads our capacity-building activities in support of the Iraqi security institutions and armed forces, as requested by the Iraqi government.''

NATO Mission Iraq was launched at the NATO Summit in Brussels in July 2018, following a request from the Iraqi government. Established in Baghdad in October 2018, it is an advisory and capacity-building non-combat mission that assists Iraq in building more sustainable, transparent, inclusive and effective security institutions and armed forces, so that they themselves are able to stabilize their country, fight terrorism, and prevent the return of [ISIS].

All efforts of NATO Mission Iraq are carried out with the consent of the Iraqi government and conducted in full respect of Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

NATO Mission Iraq is another concrete demonstration of NATO’s readiness to address all challenges to the Euro-Atlantic region, from any direction, through a 360 degree approach to security.

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