Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I reposted last night's item and the reason is because C.I. called. This morning, C.I. included the following in an entry:

ADDED: The following community sites updated yesterday:

"Tom Daschle and his greed" is Ruth's post.

The reason it is worded that way? My title is not included. C.I. grabbed it from Stan's sit (which lists all sites by title and also our most recent entry). What happened to mine? C.I. called and asked for my password in code this morning. I gave it and C.I. played around. Someone did a post at my site that was not me -- after me. I had not even seen it. C.I. deleted it (after making a copy that she e-mailed me) and then told me it would probably be smart to immediately change my password.

I have done that and I will just add I had no idea I was so important that someone would hack into my account. What a compliment and statement of importance for an old grandma like me.

I will pad this out by noting Cindy Sheehan's "The Audacity of Empire" (World Can't Wait):

Many anti-war activists are concentrated on insuring that Obama fulfills his campaign promises to withdraw "combat" troops from Iraq without having the integrity to demand complete withdrawal of all troops and a return to total sovereignty of the country to the people of Iraq, and are not questioning Obama's determination to double troop strength to Afghanistan.I think the US MIC empire needs to be destroyed, but I would prefer that we incorporate a voluntary reduction of empire, before the weight of The Empire® collapses like a house of cards on us; or on the innocents of Afghanistan.